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THE ICONIC, Princess Polly, Bed Threads and more – Welcome Week campaign spotlight

Princess Polly ad - model wearing blue checked jumper and sunglasses

With Welcome Week 2022 fast approaching, we’re shining a light on brands who smashed it out the park with their Welcome Week 2021 campaigns. 


Welcome Week signals a fresh new start in a student’s life. Some might be moving from home, others could be moving to a whole new country. In any case, a wardrobe refresh – with a few beauty and lifestyle purchases – is exactly what students need to facilitate a new stage in their lives. 

Knowing this, Sydney-based fashion and lifestyle retailer, THE ICONIC, provided students with a one week only 15% discount during Welcome Week, creating a sense of urgency which was heightened by a strategic media campaign. The discount was advertised on the Student Beans homepage and via targeted email campaigns and saw great success with both new and existing customers. Their AOV during Welcome Week saw an impressive 90% increase. 

THE ICONIC ad - two people wearing double denim

Princess Polly

Australian-based online fashion brand, Princess Polly, wanted to help students get suited and booted for their first semester at uni. They ran an exclusive 25% discount offer for students during a two-week long Welcome Week campaign. The campaign featured media placements on Student Beans’ site, plus newsletter inclusions and solus emails to drive website traffic and click-through rates. 

The dedicated campaign saw a 322% uplift in sales and 425% uplift in revenue from the fortnight prior – with an impressive increase in the number of items per basket. 

Bed Threads

New bedding, quality furniture and home accessories are a staple item on many students’ shopping lists during Welcome Week in Australia. Knowing this, Bed Threads wanted to make sure they were ahead of the competition and front of mind during last year’s event – a 10% student discount and Student Beans homepage and email media inclusion delivered the results they were looking for – including a 32% increase in AOV. 

Bed Threads image - pink and orange bedding


As a health-conscious demographic, fitness and healthy diets is actually very important to students – especially when they move home for university and live indepently. 

Understanding this, Australian-based healthy food retailer Tropeaka wanted to make sure they were front of mind for students during Welcome Week. Working with their Account Manager at Student Beans, the brand was able to offer a one-week boosted student discount. They promoted this exclusive offer via the Student Beans site and through strategic media placements. This bespoke campaign resulted in increased brand awareness, student engagement, revenue and sales during this key event. 

Find out how your brand can win big with Gen Z students this Welcome Week by accessing our ultimate guide to Welcome Week 2022, today. 

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