Round Up | March eCommerce Moments of the Month

March has been and gone. Daylight savings have officially kicked in, it’s getting warmer outside and we’re feeling ready to step into spring. However, before we dive right in, it’s time turn back the clocks (again…) and take a look at some of the best eCommerce moments that got the internet talking during the last month.

So, without further ado…

Sydney Sweeney goes full mechanic with Ford

Sydney Sweeney soared to fame after she captivated viewers with her role as Cassie in Europhia. Since then, she’s taken on roles in fan favourite The White Lotus, became the face of Georgio Armani, and has amassed a cult following online. 

However, recently (in a surprising departure from her usual Hollywood glamour!), Sweeney has been sharing her passion for a different hobby: cars. The actress has been chronicling the restoration of her dream card (a vintage Ford Bronco) over on her TikTok account @syds_garage. 

Sweeney’s unique tie to the Ford brand has seen her secure an online collaboration in Ford’s “Built Ford Proud” campaign with fashion brand Dickies.

The clothing line takes inspiration from the overalls Sweeney was wearing every day in the garage working on her car.

We’re all about authentic partnerships, and it doesn’t get more genuine than this!

You catch the promo video here.

Corteiz shows its calibre

Approved by Virgil Abloh, worn by Stormzy and already the subject of a Nike collaboration, Corteiz is fast becoming one of the most sought-after names in streetwear.

Since its inception 5 years ago, Corteiz has been rewriting the fashion game, with limited drops, skyrocketing re-sell prices and even a password reserved for those who want to access the online shop.

Corteiz is, according to its founder,  “a private club that everyone wants to join”. 

Its latest campaign with Nike has been labelled an ode to OG UK street culture. The film is jam-packed with cameos, resurrecting British cultural staple Fonejacker (talk to me…) and casting Jorja Smith as a nonchalant call centre worker.

Corteiz founder, Clint, even makes a subtle appearance. The online world imploded upon its release, with one Twitter user labelling it “the best ad” they’d ever seen.

If you want to see what’s causing all the commotion, you can check the ad out below:

Liz Truss or Lewis Capaldi?

Ahh, Lewis Capaldi. The celebrity that feels like your favourite class clown.

Capaldi famously is no stranger to a bit of self-deprecating humour – and this came full circle recently after Netflix printed a billboard to promote his upcoming documentary. The catch?

Well, they appeared to have had a slight mix up. In Capaldi’s place was actually a photo of a young Liz Truss. 

Taking the L in his swing, Capaldi tweeted the image online, writing that “whoever is in charge of the billboards at Netflix needs firing”.

With over 6 million views and 3,000 retweets (alongside many replies from brands and blue ticks!), the image might’ve been a mistake, but it was a great bit of PR. 

P.S, you can catch Capaldi’s documentary on April 5th…

Levi’s AI Influencers

Sometimes the most notable online moments are the ones that don’t always get it right – and denim brand Levi’s is a perfect example here. In March, Levi’s announced it was partnering with an AI studio that creates AI generated models to supplement humans.

Levi’s shared that the partnership was to “increase the number and diversity” of their models. 

The irony was not lost here, with many calling out the brand to implement a far simpler solution: just hire diverse models.

One critic shared on social media that Levi’s work “deprives people of opportunities” and “helps companies perpetuate racism”. Yikes. 

Penne alla vodka shows it has to be Heinz

Gigi Hadid’s Vodka pasta might have been the biggest food craze of 2021 – but is it over? Absolut-ly not.

Heinz recently announced a partnership with Absolut vodka, in a more unlikely turn of events than Paris Hilton joining a picket line (yes, that also did happen). 

The Heinz x Absolut tomato vodka pasta sauce promises to be a “match made in pasta heaven”, with a rich texture that balances creamy cheese notes with rich tomato and fragrant basil. 

Pasta aficionados can catch this exclusive sauce on the shelves from April 12th. Don’t all rush at once…

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