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What is Beans iD?

Beans iD allows brands like yours to offer exclusive discounts to multiple consumer groups – like students, military personnel and healthcare workers – securely on your e-commerce website through our Connect integration technology.

Our conversion optimisation tool will sit on your website offering a secure and scalable way for your brand to provide gated offers, incentives and discounts to verified members of consumer groups.

Shopping looks different across every consumer group – and each one has their own preferences and habits, built up over time and hard-wired into their wider lives.

Beans iD is your way to identify those consumer groups. By using our Connect integration, retailers and e-commerce businesses can securely verify that customers belong to a specific consumer group.

Build brand awareness, establish loyalty and drive conversion amongst an array of key target audiences – encouraging them to purchase sooner, spend more and come back time and time again. 

As a result, you’ll collect customer data you can trust to create impactful marketing campaigns which drive loyalty that lasts a lifetime.

Beans iD business benefits

Put simply, not only will Beans iD enable you to position gated offers in front of valuable consumer groups, but you’ll have access to first-party data to nurture consumers once verified.

Why brands love Beans iD

It increases conversion rates

Consumers are more likely to convert if they’re incentivised. Brands offering exclusive discounts find that consumers purchase faster, spend more and come back time and time again. Plus – by verifying their identity prior to purchase, you can be sure that gated offers are only ever granted to genuine customers.

It drives loyalty

Whether they’re at a pivotal point in their lives (like students and grads) or working in a profession that deserves recognition (like healthcare workers and military), consumers will appreciate knowing that you’ve created a tailored shopping experience for them. And they’ll keep coming back – for life.

It protects profit margins

When customers are granted a discount, our insights show that their average-order-value actually goes up – because they’re inspired to pile their digital baskets high. By offering smart, tech-fuelled discounts, you can serve your consumers without impacting the bottom line.

It brings in new customers

Consumer groups  are very well-connected. This is your chance to go viral with a whole new audience, build brand awareness and build out an engaged market of consumers.

It’s your gateway to building first-party data and insights

Every consumer has the chance to opt in when they’re verified. This means you can build your own first-party data and nurture them over time.

It makes your brand stand out from the crowd

Who doesn’t love a discount? By offering exclusive deals and offers to targeted tribes, you’ll create a feeling of exclusivity that your competitors aren’t offering.

It simplifies your offering

With Beans iD, you’ll only need one provider to host your entire discount programme. This makes verification smoother for your customers, whilst reducing the number of suppliers you work with and simplifying your data handling.

Develop your brand’s market segmentation

Every consenting user that‘s verified through Beans iD can be recorded via an API. 

What does this mean? The API allows us to securely provide the following key data points for each user: name, email, gender, institution, date of birth and country of residence.

During our sign up process, users are asked to consent to 3rd party marketing. If they consent and activate a promotion via Beans iD, the information will be sent to you automatically using an API. This ensures that the data transfer is fully compliant.

How does Beans iD Connect work?

You’ll have the opportunity to pick and mix which consumer groups you want to target with unique offers with multiple display options. This means you can offer each consumer group discount individually or contain all your offers in one call to action on your site.


Identify your consumer group and launch a gated offer especially for them.


Select your integration option – you can use our embedded or hosted Web Connect options.


Beans iD Connect does the hard work for you – securely verifying customer identities in under 24 hours.


Once verified, consumers access their gated offer and make their purchase.


Customers opt in at the verification stage – giving you valuable first-party data so you can continue to nurture them.

What happens once Beans iD is live?


Offer unique deals for your chosen consumer groups and promote them on your website.


Verify your customer’s consumer group with Beans iD prior to purchase to ensure they’re genuine.


Engage with your new customers through the data provided by Beans iD to drive loyalty that lasts a lifetime.

Verification Solutions

Our verification solutions are currently available in the UK, US, Australia and Canada.

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