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Princess Polly wears the crown: how to build brand loyalty with a global Gen Z audience

Princess Polly wears the crown: how to build brand loyalty with a global Gen Z audience

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Join us as we sit down with Princess Polly to discuss the challenges of international expansion, the benefits of social media marketing, and why Gen Z students should be at the heart of your marketing strategy. 

Webinar overview

Brands often underestimate the value of the Gen Z student demographic. Yet 62% of students’ monthly spending goes on discretionary (non-essential) items, 84% of university students have had a job in the past year, and as they progress through their education into their first jobs, their spending power – and brand loyalties – will only continue to grow.

Gen Z students have grappled with a number of changes to their daily routines over the last year due to the pandemic. Amid all the disruptions in their educational and social lives, students’ favourite brands have adapted to reflect the new changes brought about by COVID-19, and continue to reach as many young people as possible to help them live their best lives as we ease ourselves back into a state of normality. 

Ecommerce fashion retailer, Princess Polly, has taken all the necessary steps to really engage with the Gen Z market by tailoring their messaging and offering exclusive student discounts, to give their target audience the royal treatment. Having built up a global presence in Australia and the US, and with further plans to expand in Asia, Princess Polly is taking the Gen Z market by storm. 


Kim Zorn, Head of Performance Marketing, Princess Polly

Originally from Germany, Kim came to Australia in 2017 before joining the Princess Polly team in December 2018. As Head of Performance for the brand, Kim looks after the global performance department at Princess Polly, including paid search, paid social, affiliate, display, online video, paid content, paid audio, SEO, partnerships and Martech. She has 9 years of marketing experience, including 6 years in digital, and has worked across multiple markets such as the UK, EU, US, Asia and ANZ.

Ruth Baney, APAC Managing Director, Student Beans

Ruth is the Managing Director for the APAC region at Student Beans. She specialises in managing partnerships across Australia, New Zealand and Asia, working with high functioning sales and client services managers. She has over 8 years of experience in digital marketing sales and account management, with strong experience and expertise in kickstarting AM departments in startups. She has worked across multiple markets, including the UK, EU, US, Asia and ANZ.

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