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Student Beans has a global network of student users, and we regularly conduct research on topical matters that affect this demographic. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about the services we offer.


Student Beans: what, how, why?


Student Beans provides the end-to-end solution for brands looking to run a student discount program. We validate students all around the world using our secure verification technology – and the brands we work with can tap into that ever-growing global community of 16-24-year-olds using our bespoke media services.


Used in tandem, our verification and media can help brands to grow their own user base of highly-engaged consumers – and speak to them in a language they understand via our comprehensive media offering.


Generation Z is loaded with potential – and they’re your next generation of consumers. They’re digitally connected, financially savvy, and they have more choice when it comes to shopping than ever before. As students, they’re developing spending habits and brand loyalties daily.


the number of US college students. 


their combined annual income.


their combined annual spend.


of their spend is on discretionary items.


of their spend is on essentials.

Source: Student Beans external panel, June 2021 – US

Student Beans reports and insights

Access and cite Student Beans’ research reports on Gen Z habits, student spending, retail insights and more.

Gen Z and The Future of Ecommerce

Gen Z insights and expert perspectives on future retail trends such as Buy Now, Pay Later, social commerce, resell culture and the metaverse.

The Ultimate Guide to Gen Z

Explore the four key themes that make up the biggest generation to date. Includes topline stats on Gen Z ethics and values and financial habits, as well as their status as digital natives.

Gen Z dating trends

The results of Student Beans’ sex, dating and relationships survey, including attitudes to online dating, gender differences and more.

An inside look at Generation TikTok

A deep-dive into how young consumers are leading the way in using TikTok as a shopping platform. Produced in collaboration with AdWeek, using Student Beans’ in-house research.   

Student Beans boilerplate

Student Beans creates lasting relationships between Gen Z students and brands. Our suite of solutions help brands to find, attract, engage and convert verified students. And that’s just the start. Our extensive network of global media touchpoints, along with our conversion optimization tools, drive repeat purchases, building the habits that turn Gen Z into your lifelong customers.

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