Brand Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in Student Beans. We have a few guidelines for using our brand, so please see below for guidance on how to use our logo in promotions, product name and messaging guidelines.

Our logo is supplied in horizontal and stacked versions. The Student Beans logos must be displayed as per the example below.

The space between the logo and any copy, image, page edge or art-board edge must be at least the height and width of the horizontal logo itself.

The logo itself can only be displayed in Violet, White, or, as a last resort, Neon.

Background gradients

The gradients below may be utilised as backgrounds for homepage tiles when advertising or promoting Student Beans. Please choose the gradient best suited to your overlaid copy so it is accessible and easily read.

For Example: White or light copy on Violet Fall and Northern Lights. Black or dark copy on Rainbow.

Do not stretch or alter the gradients in any way. Should you require them in a different size, please reach out to one of our Account Managers.

Violet Fall
Northern Lights

Our personality and tone of voice

Communicating as Student Beans, our tone of voice is original, trustworthy and sharp.

Students, live your best life for less and grab big discounts with Student Beans.

We’ve teamed up with Student Beans to take the sting out of everyday life.

Students never pay full price – we’ve partnered with Student Beans to save you $$$.

We’ve partnered with Student Beans so you can save for the important things, like supporting your coffee addiction.

Hey students! Don’t worry about blowing your budgets, we’ve got you big discounts with Student Beans.

Let’s get social

Tagging Student Beans in your social posts is a great way of alerting your audiences about just how much they can save. And the best bit? It can help push your followers into making a purchase, it may be that little extra nudge they needed to convert!



Any questions?

If you’ve got any questions about anything in this guide, please contact your account manager who will be happy to help.

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