Gen Z Research

Voxburner’s viewpoint is unique: we are embedded with your youth audience. Voxburner reports on their lives, habits and attitudes from the frontline. We’ve been doing so for nearly 15 years and have unrivalled access to a highly engaged Gen Z community who aren’t afraid to give us their honest opinions.

Why wait any longer to capture the
hearts of young people?


of the UK population is Gen Z


will land in their bank account every year

The Voxburner Community


Gen Zs we have access to for our research


Our community of Youth Marketing Professionals

Global Gen Z audience

Voxburner insights are fueled by a global database of millions of Gen Zs, as well as real-time
data on their verified purchases across Student Beans’ network of over 1,000 brands. With
constant engagement with our Gen Z community and ongoing bespoke research projects, we
combine these powerful sources to track and analyse Gen Z trends around the world.

Our Respondents

Our panel of outspoken Gen Zers help us to keep our finger on the pulse of the latest behavioural trends and understand the motivations behind them. We use large-scale qualitative and quantitative surveys, focus groups and user interviews to immerse ourselves in the lives of Gen Z and deliver actionable insights to our partners.

How we can help

We offer a range of insights products to suit any brand, agency, publisher or
organisation interested in the youth market.

‘I want to get started and understand the characteristics of Gen Z and the latest trends’

Free Weekly Briefings
Sign up for the Voxburner Weekly Briefing, a totally free, weekly email newsletter carefully curated to bring you the
content that will help you to connect with Gen Z customers. Get the latest resources, blogs, and trends of the week
delivered straight to your inbox.

Research to solve your youth marketing needs

‘I want to authentically engage the Gen Z audience in the right way on the right channels’

Premium Research Reports
We regularly produce student and youth insight reports which are used by leading global brands to deliver the most exciting, engaging and relevant campaigns to the Gen Z demographic.

‘I want to hear directly from young consumers and get real time feedback on my brand’

Ask a Gen Z
Planning a new student marketing campaign or need to shake up your Gen Z strategy for the year ahead? With Voxburner’s vast network of young people, you can put your questions to real Gen Zs. Plus, our expert team will provide deep insights to help you get the most from the data.

‘I want to develop and test branding, communications, campaigns, concepts, ideas’

Bespoke research project
Voxburners’ team of experts will work with you to explore your student marketing challenges and create a personalised research piece featuring exclusive audience insights, delivered to you via an in-depth report and interactive workshop with our in-house insights team.

‘I want to find new marketing opportunities to
target Gen Z’

Exclusive Webinar Deep Dives
Delivered live, to your marketing team’s desktop, Voxburner’s interactive workshop will help to turn the latest trends impacting the lives of 16-24s into a world-class youth marketing plan. Plus, you’ll get the chance to ask our youth insights experts and Gen Z panel all your burning questions.

Our clients

We offer a range of insights products to suit any brand, agency, publisher or
organization interested in the youth market.

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Why work with us

There are many reasons why brands choose Voxburner as their Gen Z
insights partner.

  • Better understand the Gen Z market
  • Hear directly from young consumers
  • Get real customer feedback on your brand
  • Evaluate the competitor landscape
  • Test communications, ideas and concepts
  • Discover new market opportunities
  • Optimize your Gen Z marketing strategy
  • Leverage our youth marketing expertise
  • Ensure your brand stays relevant

Want to future-proof your brand?

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just for you?

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