Are you targeting Gen Z?

Frustrated by the lack of data out there on this generation’s attitudes and behaviours?

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What is Voxburner+?


  • Year-round Research Reports – Exclusive reports curated for you in order to demystify Gen Z
  • Year-round Live Gen Z Panels – Access and quiz our powerhouse youth panellists
  • Ask A Gen Z – Ask your burning questions each month in our youth survey to a panel of over 1M+ Gen Zers
  • Weekly Trends – Keep up to date with the constantly changing trends among Gen Z
  • Access to On-Demand Content – Catch up on reports, global sessions from our  Youth Marketing Strategy events with world-class speakers, and our previous Gen Z panels


  • Members only networking events
  • Hear from industry experts for the best knowledge sharing
  • Network with our youth marketing community all year round
  • Closed community LinkedIn group to share knowledge and ideas


  • Year-round global tickets to the Youth Marketing Strategy events (LDN, NYC, LA, BLN)
  • Escape the office and attend the world’s biggest youth marketing event to discover the latest trends, youth perspectives and case studies from Gen Z’s favourite brands

Voxburner+ is a premium research and insights subscription service. It’s the only destination you’ll need to truly understand Gen Z characteristics and what’s going on in the lives of young people today.

How can I find out more about
marketing to Gen Z?

Voxburner+ gives you exclusive access to premium insights to help spur on your creative thinking. Our network of 16-24s across the globe will inspire you to take on your next project or campaign with confidence.

  • Back your big ideas with insights and get ready to wow Gen Z.
  • Fresh content on the Voxburner+ platform every week.
  • Get your weekly dose of trends via our insights newsletter.
  • Access a brand new snapshot of the latest Gen Z trends every month in a perfectly packaged guide.
  • And the cream of the crop: our jam-packed reports land every quarter where you can dive into the world of Gen Z in travel, fashion, diversity, workplaces, and more.
  • Not to mention all the insights from real-life brands and businesses at our YMS festivals, which you will have access to attend every single one across the globe.

Keep up. Keep current. Stay connected.

What do I get with Voxburner+?

Tickets to our global YMS festivals

See you in London, NYC, LA and Berlin

Deep dive webinars

Premium insights and a live Gen Z panel

Ask a Gen Z

Ask bespoke questions to our panel each month

Reports for subscribers only

Yup, for you eyes only

Q&A with industry experts

Icons from industry will see you now

Video knowledge library

Think Netflix for youth marketers

Why bother with insights?

Insights are the window into your Gen Z audience.

With insights, you can plug the gaps in your knowledge. And if there are questions still unanswered, you have access to
our network where you can literally ‘Ask A Gen Z’ questions every month as part of your subscription.

Voxburner + is

Boosting you above and beyond

You’ll immediately jump ahead of your competition with the industry’s most up-to-date research on Gen Z and understand how to market effectively to this lucrative audience.

Informative and current

Voxburner+ helps you make better marketing decisions by providing access to exclusive research and insights. Keep up to speed with what the new generation of consumers will want from your business.


Now you can research and connect with Gen Z directly, without the need to do your own polls and surveys. Get the answers you need to be able to make the most from your marketing budgets.

Outspoken & unapologetic

We aren’t afraid of calling out the issues that are critical to Gen Z. We ask the important questions in our research and don’t shy away from sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly – especially when it comes to the brands.

Voxburner+ Community

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