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Afterpay Day – are you ready for it?

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With just one month to go until August, brands are getting ready for the next big retail event in the calendar – Afterpay Day. Here’s how you can win big with Gen Z students for this year’s flash sale.

Afterpay Day: an overview

Let’s face it – nobody does annual flash sales quite like the Aussies. The latest brand to get in on the action is popular buy now, pay later service, Afterpay. With deals across all sectors, and perfectly timed for those early-bird Christmas shoppers. Afterpay Day follows the flash sale model – think high discounts for a limited time only. In previous years, Afterpay Day has attracted some of the hottest Gen Z brands, including THE ICONIC and Gymshark. This year, expect to see even more big names taking centre stage, such as Ray-Ban, American Eagle and Fenty Beauty.

Afterpay Day 2021 kicks off on Thursday 20th August and lasts until 21st August. With so many Gen Z-centric brands taking part, it really is the perfect time to get your brand in the eyes of young consumers.

The appeal for students

Following on from EOFY and Click Frenzy Julove, Afterpay Day creates a regular opportunity for students to buy from brands they love at a discounted price – and build new loyalties to brands they discover during this time. For a brand, it’s a great opportunity to build up long-term awareness by running targeted student-focused campaigns. And for students? It’s yet another key sales date to stock up on whatever they need. This year, expect to see more Gen Z students adopting a ‘treat yourself’ mentality – it’s been a tough year, after all.

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Success stories

We’ve previously worked with our partners to make Afterpay Day a roaring success. Our previous highlights include THE ICONIC – who saw conversion rates skyrocket by 171%, as well as a 284% increase in revenue – and of course Gymshark – whose conversions shot up by 425% and revenue grew by 450%.

Key takeaways for brands

A lot of brands that are distinctly Gen Z get involved with Afterpay Day – so socials will be awash with deals for students to share. Forget the public timeline – the number one place that young consumers share deals and discounts is a private message. For best results, ensure that all of your deals are group-chat ready. 

To build a buzz, consider linking up with micro-influencers ahead of the event to get Gen Zs talking. In total, 78% of Aussie students follow influencers, and social media platforms like Instagram are a great source for shopping inspiration. By promoting your deals and product offering online ahead of the big day, you’ll be more likely to make it onto Gen Z’s wish lists.

And that’s not all! Download our Aussie Events Guide to get up to speed on what’s up and coming in the shopping event calendar.

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