Get ready for Click Frenzy Julove

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Brands, get ready! Click Frenzy Julove is taking place from 13th July and it’s one for all sectors to get involved in. The event lasts for 53 hours – just enough time for you to make that crucial impression on student consumers. Here’s everything you need to know: 

Click Frenzy Julove: an overview

With EOFY sales dominating June, Click Frenzy’s annual July sale creates that bit of a buzz once the main deals and discounts have faded away. If EOFY is a marathon, Julove is a sprint – Click Frenzy’s own deals tend to last for their typical 53-hour window expect lots of consumer activity in a short period of time. Gamification is a huge part of all Click Frenzy events – the biggest discounts are only available in small quantities, which creates atmosphere and competition.

The appeal for students

As winter sets in, Julove is the perfect chance for financially-savvy students to get a wardrobe refresh. July also coincides with the start of a new semester for the majority of students – making it a great time for them to pick up study supplies and tech items. Plus, as Julove is a relatively new event in the flash sale calendar, it’s a great chance for brands to take a strong student-facing stance at the start of a new academic session.

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Over half of students said they look for a discount more often since the pandemic took hold, and 62% of students’ monthly spending goes on discretionary (non-essential) items. So, events like Click Frenzy Julove are perfect for brands looking to engage with Gen Z students and increase student revenue.

Key takeaways for brands

Gen Z students are very financially savvy – and they love anything exclusive. This year, embrace the Frenzy. Introduce time or quantity limits to your student offers, or even consider launching a student-specific competition to speak to their competitive spirit.

As well as being financially savvy, Gen Zs are digital natives – 75% browse online stores and 32% make an online purchase at least once a week. 99% of Australian students also use social media, so building this into your strategy is an absolute must in order to engage with young consumers. Be sure to create a pre-event buzz over on their favourite platforms – YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat.

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