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5 classic fashion brands that students love

Popular student fashion brands: Nike is held in high regard by college students.

The resurgence in popularity of classic fashion brands, from designer to sportswear, is proof that legacy brands can reinvent themselves for a Millennial and Gen Z audience. Here are some of the brands that come out on top as the best fashion brands for college students in our UK Student Shopping Report, and how they have remained relevant to new generations of fashion fans.


Originally part of legendary London department store Peter Robinson, Topshop launched as a standalone brand in 1964. By partnering with celebrities, influencers and fashion designers, the brand has been a favourite with the youth audience throughout its lifetime. Topshop is one of the retailers that pioneered the student discount concept, so it’s no surprise they’re a firm favourite student fashion brand. Verified students registered with Student Beans enjoy a minimum of 10% off Topshop year-round online and in-store!

Popular student fashion brands: Nike is held in high regard by college students.


Nike makes up over a third of the branded footwear market worldwide, with a value of 15 billion dollars. Its ubiquity doesn’t put off students, who told us Nike was one of the brands they’d most like to offer a student discount. Sportswear is a huge trend on campus at the moment, especially the athleisure style, which mixes fashion with comfort. Year after year, Nike features highly in the list of most popular fashion brands for college students.


Nike might be the biggest sportswear brand, but Puma is the hottest trend in the market right now, according to the students we spoke to. The German brand’s collaboration with Rihanna was a defining moment in 2014, and their partnership with Arsenal football club also earned them a loyal following of football fans.

Tommy Hilfiger

Our student panel reported seeing a surprising number of high value items on campus. Tommy Hilfiger was one of the brands they mentioned, especially their range of hoodies. Tommy Hilfiger was huge in the 90s, so it’s the perfect designer brand to suit the resurgence of 90s style on campus today, with vintage originals as popular as new releases.

Fashion brands college students love; Gucci


Another brand you might not expect to see worn by students is Gucci, but our panel told us they spotted many of their peers wearing Gucci trainers. A good brand name is considered very important when shopping for shoes, and it’s a product they are willing to invest more in – especially when they find a pair that they truly love. But does the demand for luxury brands start and end with fashionable footwear? Uncover the truth about students and luxury brands.

Want to find out more about the most popular fashion brands for college students, and why they love them? Check out the UK and US editions of our Student Shopping Report.

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