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Worldwide conversion optimization

Digital verification for digital natives.

Thousands of brands, including Google, Gymshark, Emirates and McDonald’s choose our student verification technology to validate student-status, optimize conversions, and ensure only genuine students can access their student marketing program.

Optimize conversions with a targeted student offer

How does student verification optimize conversions? It’s simple. If your competitor has a student discount, and you don’t, 91% of students will go with your competitor. Onsite student verification will convince students to convert – and we help brands to set this up in a secure, profitable and scalable way.

Convert 5x more students that visit your website, app or store
Increase your appeal and loyalty from the important 18-24 demographic
Grow basket sizes and boost your average order value by 17%

Personalize it – use our ROI calculator to visualize your brand’s results

Join thousands of brands who choose our student verification technology to optimize conversions

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How Student Beans conversion optimization works

Gen Z has always been digital – and so have we. 

Our secure conversion optimization tool acts just like a student card – but unlike a student card, it’s instant and secure. It verifies, in real-time, if one of your customers is a student – if they are, we instantly grant them access to a student-specific offer. 

We reduce basket abandonment, optimize conversion rates, and ensure that every one of your discounted purchases comes from a fully verified student. And we verify students wherever they shop – on your website or ours, via app or desktop, online or instore.

The benefits of Student Beans conversion optimization tool

Plug & Play

Start verifying students in as little as 5 minutes

Data Capture

Build and nurture your own student database

Real Time

Reduce basket abandonment with a frictionless purchase journey


Protect profit margins and avoid losing revenue to unverified, fraudulent consumers

Network Effect

Our network of over 1,000+ brands verifies over 1 million new students every month

24/7 User Support

By making the student user journey seamless, our dedicated student support team helps to boost your conversion rate

Conversion optimization in action

Whether you operate online, in-store, in-app or across multiple channels, we’ve got your back. See for yourself how Student Beans verification can grow your revenue while protecting your margins:

Online Verification

In-Store Verification

In App Verification


Student verification is the process of checking the enrollment status of a student to ensure they are eligible for a gated student offer. Student Beans can verify millions of students in real-time, optimizing the conversion rates of our brand partners and ensuring they never lose revenue to unverified students.

We verify students quickly and efficiently in real-time, using our network academic portals with institutions around the world. A student only needs to verify with us once - after that, they’re in the system, making their purchase journey shorter - and increasing their likelihood to convert.

Conversion rate optimization is the process of increasing the number of users who act a certain way on your site. In our world, it means increasing the number of gen z students who go from browsing your site to purchasing your products.

There are lots of different ways to optimize your site. Integrating conversion optimization tools can improve user experience, shorten user journeys and drive repeat purchasers. Our conversion optimization tool gives our brand partners an average 3-5x increase in student conversions.

There are so many benefits - but here are just a few. Conversion rate optimization technology sets you apart from your direct competitors, making your brand the affordable, convenient option for Gen Z consumers. Conversion rate optimization reduces the path to purchase, making for a quick and easy user experience that keeps customers coming back. And with less time spent on that path to purchase, they’ll have more time to browse - and pile their baskets high.

You can calculate the conversion rate of your ecommerce store by dividing the number of transactions by the number of visitors, then multiplying it by 100 to get a percentage. Want to know how much you could increase your conversion rate by working with Student Beans? Once you’ve got your conversion rate figured out, head over to our ROI calculator.

Our conversion optimization technology is designed with efficiency in mind. You just need to integrate one line of code, and your gated student discount program will be good to go. If you were to integrate it right now, you’d be up and running in around five minutes.

Engage with tomorrow's consumers today. See results via our ROI Calculator.