Worldwide conversion optimization

Digital verification for digital natives.

Thousands of brands, including Google, Gymshark, Emirates and McDonald’s choose our student verification technology to validate student-status, optimize conversions, and ensure only genuine students can access their student marketing program.

Optimize conversions with a targeted student offer

How does student verification optimize conversions? It’s simple. If your competitor has a student discount, and you don’t, 91% of students will go with your competitor. Onsite student verification will convince students to convert – and we help brands to set this up in a secure, profitable and scalable way.

  • Convert 5x more students that visit your website, app or store
  • Increase your appeal and loyalty from the important 18-24 demographic
  • Grow basket sizes and boost your average order value by 17%

Personalize it – use our ROI calculator to visualize your brand’s results

Join thousands of brands who choose our student verification technology to optimize conversions

How Student Beans conversion optimization works

Gen Z has always been digital – and so have we.

Our secure conversion optimization tool acts just like a student card – but unlike a student card, it’s instant and secure. It verifies, in real-time, if one of your customers is a student – if they are, we instantly grant them access to a student-specific offer.

We reduce basket abandonment, optimize conversion rates, and ensure that every one of your discounted purchases comes from a fully verified student. And we verify students wherever they shop – on your website or ours, via app or desktop, online or instore.

Plug & Play

Start verifying students in as little as 5 minutes

Data Capture

Build and nurture your own student database

Real Time

Reduce basket abandonment with a frictionless purchase journey


Protect profit margins and avoid losing revenue to unverified, fraudulent consumers

Network Effect

Our network of over 1,000+ brands verifies over 1 million new students every month

24/7 User Support

By making the student user journey seamless, our dedicated student support team helps to boost your conversion rate

Conversion optimization in action

Whether you operate online, in-store, in-app or across multiple channels, we’ve got your back. See for yourself how Student Beans verification can grow your revenue while protecting your margins:

Online Verification

In-Store Verification

In-App Verification

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