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Know your audience – protect your profit margins by verifying students in real time

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The 16-24-year-old consumer demographic is a valuable one to engage with and our technology can ensure you’re verifying real students in real time – find out how.

Starting college or university is a huge moment for students, as it signals a young person’s first steps into adulthood and the start of their financial independence. As students begin to build up their brand loyalties and learn how to budget their spending, it’s important for brands to take the necessary steps to understand Gen Z and become a brand they can rely on every time.

At Student Beans, we pride ourselves on our expert technology that helps brands protect their profit margins by preventing fraudulent behaviour from non-students. Our verification tool and vast student database can make a tangible difference to your average order value from Gen Z consumers – allow us to demonstrate.

Avoid fraudulent behavior with our verification technology 

Here at Student Beans, we have our own conversion optimization tool that acts just like a student card. Unlike a student card, it is instant and secure and determines, in real-time, if one of your customers is a student. We verify students wherever they shop – on your own website, on our website, via app or desktop, online or instore – and instantly give them access to an exclusive student incentive if they are successfully verified.

The benefits? Your brand will never lose a purchase to an unverified “student”, which means you can watch your student revenue increase with peace of mind knowing that you are targeting and building rapport with the Gen Z audience.

Work with us to increase your AOVs

Did you know our global average order value is £80.46? For brands, tapping into the Gen Z demographic now is essential for building up long-term brand loyalty with a new generation of consumers. We’ll work with your brand to launch a student incentive that protects your profit margins and keeps Gen Z students coming back, time and time again.

Having a student incentive in place is a proven method of giving consumers the confidence to spend more with your brand. We can help make a tangible difference to your AOVs from Gen Z consumers – our brand partners have been able to increase their average order value by 17%. Once a student converts on your site and makes a purchase, we nurture this database to increase the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Tap into our Gen Z media suite

At Student Beans, we understand that every brand has different goals and we have custom solutions to help our partners achieve their youth marketing objectives. With our market-leading student marketing solutions we enable brands to reach and engage a global youth audience.

Using insights from our first-party data on the verified purchasing behavior of millions of Student Beans users, our dedicated account managers will strategize a bespoke student marketing plan to propel your offer in front of our global student user base of 6.5 million.

Request a demo today to find out how our award-winning student verification solutions can work for your brand.

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