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Award-winning student marketing

Using insight from our first party data on the verified purchasing behaviour of millions of Student Beans users across our global network of 1,000+ brands enables us to build bespoke, omni-channel and full funnel campaigns that target specific custom audiences that are designed to achieve our partners precise youth marketing objectives.

With our market-leading student marketing solutions we enable brands to reach and engage a global youth audience of over 163 million students.

Why target students?

Today’s students are part of Gen Z, a generation of ambitious, creative digital natives. They are passionate about brands that offer quality, style and innovation, and align with their cultural values.

Campaign approaches

Whether your KPI’s are geared towards awareness, engagement or conversions, we’ll build your student marketing campaign with this in mind, to help hit your specific business goals.

Approach 1

Reach Students

Getting your brand in front of a highly engaged and passionate audience, Student Reach campaigns offer you exposure to our highly sought after verified students.

Elevate your awareness by positioning your brand on the platforms students know and love. Create brand loyalty, reduce long term cost of sale and become the name that students turn to, above your competitors.

We optimise each and every Student Reach campaign to position you in front of the maximum number of students possible at any one time, generating the highest volume of impressions and reach.

Approach 2

Engage Students

Bring students closer to your offers and values by bringing them into your funnel, telling your story and making it clear what makes your brand different from your competitors.

This approach is great for promoting a range of products or services, your company’s ethical proposition, your CSR initiatives or supplementary services. Engage campaigns are optimised for engagement, time on page and traffic to your website or offer. 

Approach 3

Convert Students

Drive sales of your product by advertising to students who are most likely to buy. Using our unique first-party data, our AI-driven propensity model and our world-class knowledge of students behaviours we drive sales directly from your offers.

Student Convert campaigns are great for increasing sales and conversion of individual offers or products. Key performance metrics include traffic driven from the Student Beans platform, ROI, ROAS and sales of your product or service.

Connect with the student audience through branded content and social media advertising

Branded Content

Sharpen your competitive edge.

Branded content doesn’t simply explain why your brand is better than the competition, but instead seeks to connect with the audience on a more intimate level – appealing to students’ emotions and improving your reputation and credibility, edging your way above the competition.

Social Media Advertising

Stand out from the crowd.

Social media is where students ingest their content & where they spend the majority of their time. If you’re targeting students, your brand needs to have a significant presence across social media channels, using regular touchpoint.

Want to reach, engage or convert more students?

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