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Looking to avoid basket abandonment? Become Gen Z’s first choice with Student Beans

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If you’re looking to generate sales and target a wider Gen Z audience, Student Beans has the solutions. Find out how we can help boost your student revenue and reduce basket abandonment with our expert digital tools and data-led knowledge.

Students make it their mission to shop around to secure the best value for money (and the best student discount); but, all too often while online shopping, they will start to lose confidence in their purchasing decisions and contemplate other options – often resulting in full-blown basket abandonment.

At Student Beans, we put our expert student knowledge and our data-led solutions at the heart of everything that we do. We tailor our flexible solutions to ensure a secure and profitable outcome for every brand that joins us. Furthermore, we strive to give brands a competitive edge that aims to reduce basket abandonment and build a genuine rapport with Gen Z. Here are just some of the ways in which we work to achieve these goals.

We build up trust with Gen Z

Over the last 15 years, we have built up a solid relationship with the student demographic, who know and trust our brand and what we do.

Some of the brands we work with are smaller ecommerce retailers, who might not have that automatic trust factor embedded within the student demographic. This means that students will likely browse and add items to their baskets, without committing to making a purchase. As a trusted brand that they’ve used before, Student Beans’ presence on a brand’s site can alleviate mistrust and give students that extra push needed to purchase.

What’s more, our conversion optimization technology means that students will be more likely to shop with brands again after just one initial purchase – creating more scope for you to become a student’s ‘go-to’ brand.

Our frictionless buyer journeys create a path to success

As digital natives, Gen Z students are experts in technology and 94% of them shop online at least monthly. Offering a fuss-free shopping experience is imperative to create long-term, loyal customers.

For our millions of existing students, their path to purchase any gated offers on your site is significantly reduced when you work with us, triggering an increase in your student conversion rates, as well as your brand loyalty. Our global average conversion rate of 3.33% speaks for itself.

Plus, our Gen Z media suite empowers brands to successfully capture students on their site, with a clear call to action and frictionless purchase journey, resulting in repeat purchase behavior and increased basket sizes.

We verify our users to ensure you’re reaching real students

Here at Student Beans, we give our brands that all-important competitive edge that puts them right at the forefront of the student consumer demographic.

Using our conversion optimization technology, we verify the enrolment status of 163 million college and university students globally, ensuring that only genuine students have access to exclusive student discounts across all of our brands, providing our brands with peace of mind.

Our conversion optimization tool verifies students in real-time – and integrates into your brand’s website with just one line of code. The result? Students will be more likely to convert via your site when they see that you offer a student discount in real-time; making your brand an affordable and convenient option for Gen Z consumers – no need for them to browse your competitors. The efficiency of our technology alone means we are able to rapidly connect brands to students even in our busiest sale periods.

Every brand’s roadmap has its own set of goals, and we want to work with you to achieve yours. Brands we work with have increased their own student conversions by 3-5 times on average – find out how you can too by requesting a demo today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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