Ecommerce moments of the week: zero waste brands and the audio ad experience reimagined

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This week, take a look at the new brands helping to save the environment and see which brand is changing up the audio ad experience with a tried-and-tested marketing strategy. 


Did you know over a million students in the UK live within a one-mile radius of each other?

Understanding student’s desire to shop more sustainably, fellow Gen Z and recent University of Birmingham Economics graduate, Harriet Noy, made it her mission to create a way for students to shop online and exchange their pre-loved items, without the need for postage and packaging. 

Introducing Hazaar, a zero waste marketplace app for students that allows users to sell and buy pre-loved items on-campus. Students simply list an item on the Hazaar app they want to sell, the buyer pays on the app and receives a unique QR code. The buyer and seller then agree on a price and safe place to meet. Once they do, the seller scans the QR code to confirm the sale and release the funds to their account. Hazaar – a sale done and dusted! 

At just 22, Harriet has created a new way to shop that combines Gen Z’s love for online shopping with the need to limit the waste produced by postage and packaging. With plans to grow across multiple universities in the UK this year, and across global marketplaces in years to come, Hazaar is on track to become a big hit with student shoppers. 


Founded by a group of ‘fashion-forward thinkers’ with years worth of experience in the industry, Edikted is a brand designed with Gen Z in mind. It aims to create affordable, on-trend clothing for all shapes and sizes and is inspired by pop-culture, streetwear, runway looks and technology. 

Despite only being a year old, Edikted has seen huge success across it’s online platforms. Their TikTok account currently has over 150k followers and their Instagram comes in at 377k followers (and counting). The #edikted hashtag alone has over 183.6 million views on TikTok.


Move Over, New Fits Coming Through!!! 💗😱💎 @Addison Davis #edikted #fyp #foryoupage

♬ GIVE ME DC – Juan Fernando Mora

Clearly, the brand’s fashion and social media presence appeals to Gen Z, but their values also have a role to play in their rapid growth over the last year. As part of their social responsibility scheme, Edikted have implemented a try and repeat model, which means they limit their inventory by producing controlled amounts of garments and accessories based on demand.

Spotify’s call-to-action cards

Spotify has previously introduced Q&As, polls, video podcasts, a voice control in-app experience (otherwise known as ‘Hey Spotify’), a lyrics tab, and more to boost audience interaction with the platform. Now, the brand has introduced a new digital layer to the audio format, in the form of CTA cards. 

The new CTA cards means those listening to their favorite podcast can see and click through to the brand advertisements that play during the podcast. This way, listeners can easily explore the products or services they are interested in without needing to remember a company website, discount code or other major details. 

This new initiative transforms the listening experience into a multi-purpose one, and pushes ad listeners seamlessly down the funnel. Listeners can listen, of course, but they can now see an ad and, crucially, click through to it if they so wish. It’s a win for brands and consumers alike. 

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