GEN Z and the future of ecommerce

Retail as we know it is changing – and it’s very much in the hands of Gen Z

Why? For one, they’re now financially independent.

But Gen Z aren’t just big spenders – they’re big trendsetters, too. Within this report, you’ll find four key ecommerce trends to be aware of for 2022 and beyond.

Taken from a Student Beans survey of our global Gen Z students, and using expert opinions and student perspectives, Student Beans has identified the key themes to look out for and implement within your strategy.

US $303 Billion Spent by Gen Z college students per year
AUSTRALIA $19.5 Billion Spent by Gen Z university students per year
UK $12.7 Billion Spent by Gen Z university students per year


The research for this report consisted of three parts:

Student Surveys

Student Interviews

Expert Contributions


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