Gen Z & The Future of Ecommerce: Mini Report

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Now that Gen Zs are active consumers, ecommerce is set to change like never before. As one of the largest and most powerful generations on the planet, they hold the future of digital shopping in their hands.

But what exactly will they do with it?

Student Beans presents the Future of Ecommerce: Mini Report. Collated from our Gen Z user surveys, it’s an accurate picture of how Gen Zs will change ecommerce as we know it in the coming years.

Inside you’ll learn about:

  • Buy Now, Pay Later: one in three US Gen Zs have used a buy now, pay later service – but 39% think they encourage young people to get into debt.
  • The rise of social commerce: as livestream shopping takes off in China, appetite is growing in the west – 18% of US teens have watched a shopathon.
  • Hustle culture and re-commerce: If you’re marketing to Gen Zs, the chances are they know your tricks – 51% have sold something online, and 43% want to start an online business.
  • The mall experience digitised: from augmented reality to customer service, learn what’s important if you’re creating shopping communities online.

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