How to Drive Repeat Purchases From Your Black Friday Success

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  • ICYMI, we’re officially deep into November, and drawing closer to the biggest spending holiday of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM).
  • However, at Student Beans, we know that the world of Gen Z is never still: and that as quickly as Black Friday comes around, it’ll all be over!
  • So, what’s next? How can you transform this short-term success into a long-lasting relationship with Gen Z? In this blog, we’ll explore some strategies to capitalise on your BFCM triumphs and boost Gen Z engagement retention throughout the holiday season and beyond…

Email isn’t dead! Build on that BFCM momentum

In November 2023, we asked 1,000 Gen Zers in the UK and the US what their favourite way was for a brand to engage with them.

A massive 51% in the US and 48% in the UK said via email content.

This was an overwhelming majority in comparison to other mediums, such as branded content (14%) and paid partnerships (5%).

So, don’t disregard the power of the email for Gen Z this holiday season. 

Create personalised and targeted email campaigns – and don’t forget to segment your content based on the data you collected during the BFCM campaign. This will allow you to send tailor-made content to your Gen Z audiences. Plus, we all like to feel special – so use these campaigns to send exclusive offers and early access to upcoming promotions.

Let’s get festive: extend the celebration beyond BFCM

The light shouldn’t be losing its sparkle straight after Black Friday!

In fact, use the post-BFCM success to shift your focus to the festive season. Create Christmas landing pages showing off your popular products and promote them through email and social media channels.

Remember that young consumers will be struggling with the cost-of-living crisis this holiday season – so implementing specific £20 and under pages won’t go amiss. This was touched on in our recent webinar by panelist Beth, who shared she appreciates budget sections because they “stop her from overspending”

Extend your discounts beyond Black Friday to capture Gen Z loyalty

Ahh, Gen Z. They’re an absolute sucker for a bargain.

We know that Black Friday is a time where businesses will be slashing their prices – but consider offering some kind of discount beyond this period.

Student discounts are a great place to start (did you know 45% of students search for a student discount every time they make a purchase?!). Gen Zers have less spare cash to spend on non-essential items, so when they do go to make a purchase, it’s vital that you incentivise them via exclusive and regular student discounts.

Plus, once you capture Gen Z loyalty, you’ve captured some very powerful brand advocates, who will no doubt spread the world about your brand.

Celebrate your brand mission

Shoppers are going to be inundated with BFCM and holiday marketing collateral: so why not use yours to stand out?

Consider using your comms to share details about your brand values and ethics.

One way to do this is to show off any sustainability credentials you might have – a tactic used by TALA last Black Friday.

TALA launched a landing page in 2022 to share details around their sustainability credentials and their commitment to reducing the damage of fast fashion. This is something we know resonated with young consumers, who are likelier to shop with a brand who is transparent about its values.

Listen to post-purchase feedback, and act on it!

The journey doesn’t end with the sale!

Actively seek post-purchase feedback to understand customer experiences. Use surveys, reviews, and social media interactions to gather insights into what went well and what could be improved.

Your Black Friday success is just the beginning. If you’re looking for more ways to turn Gen Z shoppers into long-term brand advocates, we can help! Get in touch with an expert today or check out our Cyber Hub for everything BFCM.

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