Cyber Week UK: Will’s Experience

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Every generation approaches Cyber Week differently. Here, theatre student Will talks us through how he approaches the shopping event. He reveals the tech purchases that he’s drawn to throughout the year that motivate his spending in the lead-up to Christmas.

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Will, 20. Studying theatre in London

What time of year do you start shopping for Christmas?

Normally pretty late in the year, getting towards the middle of December. I start thinking about it in November but I like to get it all done in one trip, or within the space of a week. December is probably the worst time actually to do it, but I’m lazy!

What have you bought previously during Cyber Week?

Last year I bought a mini version of the PlayStation that had a load of old games on it. I often scan for stuff that will help my computer or just stuff that would normally be kind of expensive that’s a little bit less expensive, like headsets or hard drives. And then occasionally if I see a book or a box set or something that I like the look of, that looks cheaper than it would normally be, then I might go for that.

Do you buy for yourself, for friends, family?

On Black Friday, I’ve only ever bought for myself. It really should be one of those things that I think about for Christmas, if I was actually forward planning, but no – I’ve always just got stuff for me.

What kinds of products and brands do you look for?

I like to look at games a lot because typically, for a new game it’s pretty expensive and so occasionally you’ll get something great, often on digital stores, more so than physical copies. So I like to check out game deals around then, and stuff for my computer, in case I need a new headset or a hard drive or whatever. Generally, you can find a deal that’s OK at that time.

How do you research Cyber Week deals?

Normally just on the days of that week. I’ll give a couple of Googles on Black Friday and then potentially on the Cyber Monday afterwards. Checking the Amazon homepage and then Googling are the two ways I’ve looked at it.

Do you shop in-store, online or both?

Normally online and that’s for all times of the year really. The only shops that I really visit in person seem to be food shops and book shops and then occasionally, if I need something right away, I might go to a shop, but for the rest of the year, online. It’s easier, it’s more convenient. I can do it from my bed.

How do you usually hear about Cyber Week deals?

I get emails through, I get advertising. And then research that I might try and do myself.

What would make a Cyber Week promotion stand out for you?

This is a really simple answer of course, but a really good deal, something that makes you go “wow, that’s great” and it kind of hooks you in. I’m often disappointed on Black Friday, because you look at the deals and you get 10% off something that’s £500. I couldn’t afford it when it was £500, I can’t afford it at £450. It seems like it’s always hugely expensive products that are the focus of advertising. So when I see deals for things that I can afford, and I’ve kind of been interested in, that I might have seen in a shop somewhere, like a book or a game that I want, that’s normally the stuff that pulls me in more.

Do you share Cyber Week deals with friends? If so, how?

I’ve never really sent anything on to anyone else, except for with a really good game deal or a box set, maybe I’ll say “hey, this is cheap on here just today if you want to take a look,” but I wouldn’t send the link or anything like that.

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