Gen Z Dating Trends – UK

Guides Jan 11th, 2022

Get up-to-date insights from Student Beans' annual survey, exploring everything from how young people date to how this affects their spending. 

Gen Z Dating Trends – US

Guides Jan 11th, 2022

A must-read for US brands looking to engage with Gen Zs this Valentine's Day and beyond. Take a deep dive into how 16-24-year-olds ...

12 Days of Insights

Tools Nov 26th, 2021

The 12 Days of Insights will be a whistle-stop-tour of TikTok, Phygital, market sizing and more. You’ll hear from Gen Z panelists, brand ...

Silk Maison

Brand Partner Case Study: Silk Maison

Case Studies Nov 25th, 2021

Learn how we worked with Silk Maison to create a two-pronged solution, leveraging out conversion optimization technology and media suite, to student engagement ...

Brand Partner Case Study: Boohoo

Case Studies Nov 23rd, 2021

App technology is growing at a rapid rate. That’s why fashion brand Boohoo were quick to launch our in-app verification technology, Student Beans ...

Brand Partner Case Study: Papier

Case Studies Nov 22nd, 2021

Looking to take the global Gen Z audience by storm? Papier knows all about that. The UK-based stationery brand took their student discount ...

Festive Guide for Marketers

Guides Oct 5th, 2021

How will this festive period be different now that we’re grappling with COVID-19? What do Gen Z have on their wishlists? Is there ...

The US Gen Z student market

Infographics Sep 16th, 2021

The essential starting point for anyone looking to find out more about Gen Z students, this quickfire visual guide takes you on a ...

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