Cyber Week US: Julz’s Experience

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In previous years, Julz has picked up new headphones, a laptop and a limited edition guitar, during Cyber Week. Find out what’s on her shopping list for Cyber Week 2020.

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Julz, 18

A chemical engineering student from New Jersey

What time of year do you start your holiday shopping?

I think that part of being a smart shopper is not waiting for the store to give you deals, but it starts with you – so if you’re just out and about and you see something that reminds you of someone, even if Christmas is nine months away, just get it because it’s not gonna be there around Christmas time. So I like to just always be thinking about other people because I love shopping and buying stuff for everyone. But obviously, if I haven’t found anything earlier in the year, it’s Black Friday because that is just a magical time.

What have you bought previously on Cyber Week?

I really got into guitar in middle school and I had this dream guitar that was at Guitar Center. I could have gone any time but I knew that it would go on sale on Black Friday, so I waited ‘til then to get it. I got an Epiphone P93 limited edition Rivera, cherry wine color, it was very nice. I had, like, a $500 guitar. So what I’m saying is: big purchases. I got my laptop on Black Friday, I’ve gotten Brookstone headphones, and my brother’s into Beats.

Do you buy for yourself, for friends, family?

All of the above. I haven’t started shopping for myself until recently because I actually have a job now, but I would say a lot for friends and family during the holiday season.

What kinds of products and brands do you look for?

I’m into a lot of smaller businesses. One of my favorite shoe brands is Ego, which I got from Student Beans. Their shoes are usually in the $30 range whereas other brands are like $70 cheapest. Around Black Friday though, I’m looking for the expensive brands that I know that I can’t afford year round. That’s when I act like a queen!

How do you research Cyber Week deals? When do you start looking?

I really love being lazy and joining email newsletters like Student Beans because I’m not someone that sits around thinking about what they want all the time. I don’t want to go do the research myself. So if I see an email and I’m like, that’s cool and I can afford it, there we go, that’s what’s gonna get the sale from me.

Do you shop in-store, online, or both?

I prefer online because sometimes when I’m shopping, I’ll just leave it bookmarked and then come back to it later to be like, am I sure I want to make this decision? And Black Friday lasts like a week online, versus in-store, it’s just a day. And honestly, what I don’t like about in-store shopping around that time of the year is that every store has a different time and I hate having to figure out which store I want to go to and what time it’s going to open because you want to be there before anyone else. And sometimes it’s Thanksgiving and you’re eating dinner and then it’s like, okay, GameStop opens at 5 pm so I have to leave the table. It’s not even Friday yet, dude!

How do you usually hear about Cyber Week deals?

I would say through my emails because I’m a member of all my favorite brands, but also just driving down the road. It’s really fun to see the giant posters they put in their windows because if I see 50% off or more I’m like, okay!

What would make a Cyber Week promotion stand out for you?

I like to see big percentages because 10%, 20%, that ain’t doing it for me! And also I would say just a longer time to get it because if I see a countdown like you have 12 hours to pay for this, sometimes that pushes me to do it. But also sometimes that stresses me out. If I knew ahead of time how much time I have to order it, that would be nice. 

Do you share Cyber Week deals with friends? If so, how?

Yeah, so if I see something super expensive where buying it for a friend would be a little much, I’ll definitely take a link and then send it to them via text.

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