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Three ways to impact your revenue needle with Student Beans

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When it comes to driving sales and revenues from Gen Z students, we’ve got you covered. Here are just three ways Student Beans can help you to move that needle and smash your brand’s goals.

There are loads of different paths that eventually lead a brand to Gen Z. But once you do decide that you want to attract and engage with this crucial demographic, you’ll have certain metric-led goals that you want to achieve.

At Student Beans, we put data at the heart of every decision. Whatever path you’ve taken to get to us, we make it our mission to optimize your conversion rates and give you an exceptional return on investment. And how do we do that? Here are just three ways.

We turn browsers into buyers

After more than 15 years of being brands’ gateway to success with the student demographic, we’ve learnt that discount is instrumental in boosting student conversions. 91% of students will buy a discounted product over a similar one that’s full price.

For this reason, we created our conversion optimization tool. It verifies students in real-time – and integrates into your brand’s website with just one line of code. So when that 91% of students see that you offer a student discount that verifies their student status in real-time, they’ll be more likely to convert on your site. Of course, that also means they’ll close any tabs with similar items by your competitors.

Our student database refreshes daily

It doesn’t stop once the students have clicked “buy now”. We have built out our tech to increase that likelihood that their first purchase won’t be their last, which boosts your return on investment.

On our app and website, our purchase propensity models will propel your discounts in front of students whose buying history aligns with your product offering. This ensures that you reach those with the highest intent to convert.

Plus, every time a student verifies their purchase via Student Beans, they join our ever-growing database of Gen Z student consumers. As our partner, you can position your messaging in front of Gen Z consumers who are more likely to convert.

Our Gen Z media suite is powered by insights

At Student Beans, we pride ourselves on speaking to Gen Z students in a language that they understand. Our Gen Z-centric media suite is our powerhouse for turning insights into action. Our exclusive data and market understanding enable us to run powerful, effective social media and branded content campaigns for our partners. This, in turn, increases your brand awareness and drives an increase in sales.

We know that moving the needle looks different for every brand – but we’d love to work with you to achieve the results in your roadmap. To find out how you can enjoy an average of 13x ROI – and tap into our global code-to-transaction conversion rate of 3.33% – check out our ROI calculator today.

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