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Discount check: what are students requesting this month?

Two people in the process of painting a wall

Every month, Student Beans checks in with our student users to see which brands they’d like to run a student discount program. This month, takeaway, homewares and beauty brands are at the top of their wishlists.

Students are hungry for discounted takeaways

Last month, for the first time ever, students’ most-requested discount was for a food & drink brand – and it will surprise no-one at all that it was, specifically, a food delivery brand.

A food delivery driver rides his bike with a delivery box on his back.

Even before the pandemic put everyone’s dinner reservations on hold, 81% of students were regular takeaway orderers – and since COVID hit, their habit has peaked. After all, it’s one of the safest ways of supporting the restaurants they love until they can visit again in person.

As well as being a great way for students to bond over a meal with flatmates, takeaway during this time is a way to access comfort food – reminders that life was different and delicious before the pandemic, and that it will be again.

DIY is on the agenda

Students are also turning their attentions to their homes – with homewares and home appliance brands dominating the top 10 most requested discounts in January. It’s not surprising, given that young people are spending so much time at home right now.

A paint roller sits in a paint tray.

For students, university is likely the first time they have their own space to invest in – financially and creatively. 69% move out of the family home in order to attend uni – and this, in turn, will kickstart their interest in decorating their environment. The vast majority of Gen Zs say that they care about the look and feel of their homes – with 71% saying it’s very important, 28% considering it somewhat important, and just 1% saying it’s not important at all.

Staying at home is the default for the time being, so we predict that students’ interest in DIY and homewares will only increase. Brands looking to engage with students during this time should tailor their focus to first-time buyers – particularly when it comes to niche or higher-order value items.

The treat yourself mentality is still strong

Perhaps early in the pandemic, there was a fear that young consumers would turn their backs on fashion and beauty, considering that their time spent out and about has been radically reduced. But almost a year on, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Gen Z students have regularly told us which fashion brands they want to see on Student Beans, from March 2020 until the present day. And this month, beauty brands were among their top requests, too.

A tray of makeup.

If anything, this tells us that Gen Z students don’t dress for others – their style and make-up is a personal part of their identity, which helps them to feel good whether they’re at home or out in the world. It’s likely that certain trends – such as loungewear – will be with us for some time, but we predict that Gen Zs will start mixing it up soon, styling up their loungewear and experimenting with Zoom-ready makeup looks.

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