Summer Spending: Food & Drink

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For students, food & drink spend can be divided into two categories: there’s grocery shopping, which is their second biggest spending category (after rent and bills), and eating out. Typically, students will spend about half of the money they spend on groceries on restaurant meals and takeaways. Over the summer, this amounts to a whopping £900 million. And while 2020 has seen a rise in at-home dining, students are excited to dine out once more, with 67% looking forward to going out for dinner post-lockdown.

Download our lowdown on summer spending across food and drink. Here are just some key insights from within the guide:

  • For students, food and drink are an essential, a way of socialising, and a fitness consideration all at once – and they will have different budgets and considerations depending on which of these they are focusing on.
  • Not all students head home for the summer months – for those that don’t, grocery shopping will remain a necessity. 
  • Be aware of Gen Z food trends such as veganism, vegetarianism and clean eating – but understand that for many, these are ways of experimenting rather than long-term habits.

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