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Pop quiz: Gen Z vs Millennials

They’re two demographics that are often merged together – but they’re actually very different. When it comes to market segmentation, how well do you know the difference between Gen Z and Millennials?

Gen Z Vs Millennials: shopping

#1. We know that Gen Z are digital natives, and that Millennials still remember a time before widespread digital connectivity . But which generation are you most likely to find shopping online?

Gen Z vs Millennials: social media

#2. Because of the types of content they like to consume, Gen Z and Millennials have very different preferred social media platforms. Which generation prefers Youtube and Snapchat to Facebook and Instagram?

Gen Z vs Millennials: aesthetics

#3. Gen Z and Millenials have shaped social media into what it is today. But which generation is most likely to have a carefully curated, color coordinated Instagram feed, with lots of styled images and aspirational content?

Gen Z vs Millennials: ethics

#4. Today’s young people have witnessed their fair share of tumultuous global events. It’s this, in part, that has shaped their moral values, and 97% of one generation has changed their behavior to protect the environment. Which generation is it?

Gen Z vs Millennials: spending

#5. Gen Z and Millennials do have some overlaps in taste, but make no mistake: these demographics have different priorities when they shop. Which generation is more likely to make practical, money-saving decisions?



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If a Millennial and a Gen Z walked into a bar right now… you might struggle to tell the difference. Only joking – but some more research into the nuances of these marketing tribes could be a benefit! 

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