Affiliate Marketing | How Publishers Are Providing Value Far Beyond the Last Click

Consumer shopping habits have changed drastically in recent years, and no longer is the last click attribution model the most important measure of performance marketing. Narrowing down the customer experience to a single journey and discrediting other channels that contribute towards this does not only make it impossible to fully understand how content is performing, but also doesn’t help you prepare for the future in terms of marketing, value and budgeting. Affiliate marketers should be concerning themselves with the complete, end-to-end journey, both before and after purchase – something which will ultimately inspire consumers, encouraging them to return again, and again, and again…

This is where publishers such as Student Beans come in. Publishers can help build loyalty, target specific demographics, increase conversion rates and bring in new customers – we know, it sounds great. But to be more specific, here’s how publishers are providing value far beyond the last click.

1. Building brand awareness

Thanks to social media, an increasing number of brands are on young peoples’ radars, and with so many touchpoints and opportunities for your brand to connect with students, this should be one of your main focuses. Insights are vital when it comes to understanding the purchasing behaviours of students and how to connect with them, and at Student Beans we use the data of millions of users across a global network of 1,000+ verified brands to build bespoke campaigns, all with the view to targeting specific, custom audiences. By positioning your brand on the platforms students know and love, they’ll willingly (and eagerly) connect with you and your advertising. Essentially, it’s all about getting to know consumers on a more intimate level, and vice-versa. 

2. Increasing overall conversion rates

Publishers are important when it comes to offering customers exclusive offers and helping to get a purchase over the line – which in turn reduces time to purchase and repeatedly brings customers back. By working alongside you to provide exclusive discounts in a simple, easy and trusted format, publishers help boost your overall conversion rates. Those limited time offers catch the attention of students and encourage them to complete transactions, ultimately leading them to become loyal customers. That last-click value will never end!

person working on their laptop, looking at data

3. Building long-term brand loyalty

One-off purchases aren’t enough for students – they want a brand that they can rely on, trust, recommend and return to everytime… and this is where publishers come in. By offering exclusive discounts/deals and providing a reliable service with great accessibility and features, publishers can help you to become the name that young people turn to (ahead of your competitors!). 

4. Additional marketing opportunities to young people

Publishers don’t just help you to make the initial sales, but build strong brand-consumer relationships for the future. Gen Zers are ambitious, creative, digital natives, and are passionate about brands who offer quality, style and innovation. But it doesn’t stop there – they want the brands they love to align with their cultural values and understand what’s impacting them. 

First-party data gathered by publishers like Student Beans can help to create and supercharge future marketing strategies, and this understanding of what’s important to young people (and why) can prove invaluable.  For example, the cost of living crisis is a huge issue for young people right now, and publishers can help brands to gain insight, understand how to adapt and help to provide shoppers with the best products for the best prices during this uncertain and sensitive time. 

The consumer experience is never straightforward, and investing time in monitoring and optimising this journey will benefit both brands and Gen Z in the long term. Brand awareness, increased sales, brand loyalty and future marketing opportunities are just a handful of ways that publishers can take your brand above and beyond, placing you front and centre of a spender’s mind, boosting engagement and making sure that you’re their number one choice. 

Ready to discover more about how Student Beans can help you and your brand drive growth and build for the future? Discover everything you need to do to set up an affiliate strategy that speaks directly to students with our UK and US Affiliate Guides.

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