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We’re more than just a publisher

At Student Beans, our mission is to equip brands with end-to-end media solutions to better attract, engage and retain student customers. We increase verified sales from students – but that’s not all that we do.

With a full suite of marketing solutions to engage with this crucial Gen Z demographic, we’re the key to engaging with students on the platforms that are native to them, and creating brand loyalty that will last a lifetime.

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Who are Student Beans?

We equip our partners with the end-to-end solutions to reach the 163 million students worldwide. Our secure student verification technology ensures that every purchase comes from a verified student.

Our innovative marketing solutions span Gen Z’s native channels, and we work with brands to build Gen Z-approved media campaigns that attract, engage and retain students. And our in-house cutting-edge research into Gen Z underpins everything that we do.

We are unique

Student Beans functions a little bit like a publisher – but that’s where the similarities end:

Women with books

We offer end-to-end media solutions.
With behavioural insights to target more than 100 million social media profiles, we propel brands before a global student audience.

Brands can build their own student database.
Student verification is just the first step: brands receive the co-registration data of all students who sign up, building an ever-growing database to market to.

Our tech has won awards.
We verify students in real-time, without them having to leave brands’ websites. Our seamless user experience reduces basket abandonment and increases student sales.

We keep our finger on the pulse.
Everything we do – from the platforms via which we engage with students to the tech we use to verify student status – is underpinned by our cutting-edge in-house Insights team.

But our greatest asset is our culture.
We work with brands of any size and our flexible structure means that we only ever offer brands a student program that works for them. We offer a basic partnership for smaller businesses, with a rolling monthly contract. For larger businesses, we can deliver a full comprehensive offering including bespoke media inventory. Advertisers will be set up with a dedicated account manager who will make your client’s success their priority, from integration of our tech through every major campaign.

Want to see how it all works? Book in a demo for your advertisers today.

Why intro your advertisers to us?

Being unique pays off – we generate great results. On average, our brand partners have been able to increase:

3-5x Student Conversions
21% Repeat Purchases
17% AOV Gains

Global audience insights

Student verification map
162 Million Total Student Audience
2,869,682 # Active Users
77% / 23% Female / Male Gender Split
Gen Z 16-24-Year-Old Age Group

Top performing categories

Fashion Icon


From athleisure to loungewear, from luxury brands to affordable fashion, we’ve helped to bring a huge range of fashion brands to a student audience. Even during lockdown, our fashion partners saw their sales skyrocket as high as 288%.

Food Icon


Food and drink is a huge driver for the student experience – as they gain independence, they develop their own tastes and eating habits. Our partners include some of the biggest names in fast food, restaurant chains, grocery delivery services and more.

Tech and mobile icon


As digital natives, students have very specific requirements when it comes to tech. We pride ourselves on working with tech and mobile juggernauts, as well as some of the most disruptive new tech and mobile brands around.

Health and beauty icon


With social media as a driving force, Gen Z students are reinventing what health and beauty looks like. From fitness apps and protein suppliers to cult beauty and skincare retailers, we’ve worked with brands to grow their student consumer bases and increase their revenues.

Entertainment icon


We put the full range of entertainment options at students’ fingertips, and can work with venues, digital platforms and destinations to create bespoke campaigns that resonate with Gen Z consumers for years to come.

Media opportunities

For 15 years, we’ve been interacting with students on the platforms that they’re native to. In that time, things have changed a lot – but we’re still at the helm of one of the biggest global student communities out there. To make sure your brands are reaching this community where and when it matters, we’ve developed a full media offering to build awareness, engagement and loyalty.

Placements include:

Premium and standard tiles

Premium and standard tiles

Brands can position themselves where it matters most with a huge range of placements on


Occupy the top spot on the Student Beans homepage and tell your brand story through a carousel placement.


Homepage Takeover

Dominate the Student Beans homepage with awareness-boosting standard and premium ad placements.

Social extensions

Social extensions

Reach Gen Z digital natives via their native platforms and target the demographics that align best with your targets.

Push notifications

Push notifications

Drive engagement and create a buzz around limited time offers with Student Beans push notifications.

Solus and Newsletter

Solus & Newsletter

Put your brand in front of our verified student subscribers, either within our newsletter or with a dedicated Solus email.

Hubs and collections

Hubs + collections

Put your brand at the front of students’ minds during the shopping events that matter most to them, with campaign-specific hubs and collections throughout the year.

Check your advertisers’ suitability

Reach out to see how the brands you manage can leverage our media placements to raise their profile amongst our Gen Z student audience.


The student campaign calendar is a unique one. From the moment they start their degree – usually, with a huge shopping event such as Freshers, Back to School or Welcome Week – they’re looking for brands that will define their university experience, and beyond.

We’ve cultivated the ultimate student campaign calendar, built around our own first-party data that shows when student spending is at its highest. Throughout the year, we run student-focused campaigns in line with their spending calendars, delivering huge boosts in sales and revenue for partners that get involved.

Next up in the student campaign calendar:

Woman on tablet in kitchen

Summer Spending

Summer Spending

  • Summer spending kicks off with the April Loan Drop: in total, £3bn worth of maintenance loans will be issued to UK students. 
  • The top three spending categories include fashion, eating out and travel.

Back to School

Back to School

  • Back to School is a staple in the US student calendar – by the time August rolls around, 54% will have already picked up their first Back-to-School buys.

  • This year, on-campus presence will be bigger than ever, with 77% of 2020’s college starters intending to take part in the freshman events.



  • Early signs indicate that 2021 will be the year of the ‘double Freshers’, with 80% of second-year students intending to take part in the Freshers events they missed in 2020.

  • This makes it the perfect opportunity for brands to make that first impression on an even bigger cohort of student consumers.

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Access our latest insights

At Student Beans, we have a vast global student community – which means we’re acutely aware of what makes students tick. Our in-house Insights team carries out ongoing research with our demographic. Our monthly surveys and regular Student Beans Insiders interviews give us a unique perspective on how students really feel about brands. Plus, our first-party data shows us exactly when the student spending hotspots are. 

When your advertisers work with us, they can tap into our 15 years of expertise when it comes to reaching student consumers. We also love to share what we know with our networks – whether you’d like us to speak on a webinar, provide unique blog content or simply provide a quote.

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Want to delve deeper? Let’s talk insights


Student Beans is headquartered in London but we also have offices around the world in Manchester, Birmingham, New York and Melbourne.

We are an experienced and talented team of more than 150 creative people globally.

Our online student community spans 160 countries, and we currently have dedicated student websites live in 17 territories. These include: United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Spain and Sweden.

There are no minimum requirements for working with us, our Self Service plan is accessible to all brands who earn less than £/€/$1 million per annum.

Our revenue model is based on a licence fee + CPA commission tracked via a brand’s affiliate network of choice.

There are no additional fees other than the monthly licence fee + CPA commission.

Brands will be live on our website and app within 48 hours of signing up and providing us with your assets.

If you have any questions, would like a demonstration of our technology or want to discuss your advertiser’s specific requirements, please get in touch and a member of our team will get back to you.

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