UK Student Shopping Report 2021

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Following extensive research carried out with a panel of 800 students via market research platform Cint, we bring to you our latest Student Shopping Report.

The report highlights the trends you need to be aware of, the impact of COVID on student life, how students are shopping online, their views towards brand marketing, and their attitudes to spending.

Students’ attitudes and behaviour differ per sector, and we compare and contrast these changes throughout the report.

You can expect to see standout trends, such as:

  • Friendfluencers – believe it or not, word of mouth is the number one way for students to discover new brands.
  • The post-sixth-form shift – In the couple of month’s between finishing sixth-form and starting, find out just how much can students’ outlook, habits and values can change.
  • URL vs IRL – Discover the fluid approach today’s students are talking when it comes to digital connectivity.

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