The evolution of nanoinfluencers: how to optimise your marketing to reach Gen Z

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Student Beans research shows that 74% of Gen Zs don’t trust influencers to give them an honest perspective on a product or brand. And yet – the majority of Gen Zs do follow influencers. So how can you make sure you’re not alienating potential customers via your influencer marketing strategy?

Enter nanoinfluencers. They have significantly smaller followings than the major celebrity influencers. They often specialize in niche subcultures and have a small yet highly engaged community base. And most importantly of all? Gen Zs love them.

In this guide, co-created with StudioID, we’ll take you on a journey to understand nanoinfluencers better. You’ll learn who these specialist influencers are, and why they’re the best thing to happen to the world of influencer marketing. We’ll share actionable tips and best practice for working with nanoinfluencers – and give you insights from major players in the field, like Glossier, and actual nanoinfluencers who do this every day.

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Gen Z and the Future of Ecommerce

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