Student thoughts on health & beauty

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Whether they’re getting into fitness or pioneering their first makeup tutorials on TikTok, health and beauty are both defining factors in Gen Z’s student experience. It says a lot that even with a year spent mostly at home, beauty products have remained a staple in their shopping bags – and athleisure and fitness accessories have been a key part of keeping busy during long lockdown months.

But Gen Zs are more than just consumers when it comes to these two verticals. They’ve helped to shape health and beauty as we know it, giving these sectors a makeover that has rendered them more inclusive and body positive. Gen Z called for brands to put health and happiness above unrealistic standards – and the brands that took on this gauntlet have become firm favourites among students today.

Here, Andreea and Molly clue you in on some of the beauty trends they’ve been enjoying, while AliceTommy and Lauren weigh in on fitness culture that exists at UK universities. 

Health & Beauty headlines

  • There’s no doubt that beauty has gone digital. 80% of female students watch beauty tutorials online – and 3% make them themselves. 
  • There’s a clear focus on maintaining health and fitness among young consumers. 46% have tried vitamin supplements, while 44% have tried protein products. 
  • When shopping for health and beauty, students list quality and trust as their top priorities – but almost one-fifth of Gen Z students say ethical health and beauty products are their top priority.

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