Student thoughts on food & drink

When students head off to uni, it’s likely the first time they start to make decisions about what they eat – and whether it comes from a recipe book or a delivery bag. Many are forming these habits for the first time amidst a global pandemic – and with delivery apps booming across the country, it’s a great time to be a digital native.

Of course, food means many different things to young people. It’s a way to socialise, a chance to get creative in the kitchen, and – increasingly – a shopping category that comes with lots of ethical and health implications. Nobody is perhaps more aware of these than Gen Z – and it makes their way of navigating food and drink purchases even more fascinating.

We chatted to Molly, Thomas, Alice and Andreea about their food and drink preferences – covering everything from veganism to lockdown takeaways.

Food & Drink headlines

  • Lockdown has had a big impact on students’ food and drink habits – most report that they’re cooking at home and ordering takeaway more than before COVID-19, and they’ve decreased their fast food consumption. 
  • One-fifth of the student budget is reserved for groceries, and on average, they’re willing to spend 11% per month on restaurants, too,. 
  • Students say that affordability is their top priority when buying food and drink – followed by quality, then buying from a trusted brand.

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