Freshers: A Guide for Marketers

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2021 is shaping up to be the year of the “double Freshers”. That means it’s more important than ever before that your marketing strategy is on point – it’s your chance to engage both first-years and second-years, and win their loyalty for years to come. 

In this – our Freshers guide for marketers – you’ll find everything you need to plan for the biggest event in the student calendar. Find out the key trends that have been motivating Gen Zs throughout lockdown – plus, learn when they start browsing, what they buy, and how they’ll remember your brand in the build-up to Freshers. This is your chance to become a go-to brand at one of the most pivotal points in their lives. 

In this guide: 

  • Key themes and unmissable trends. From the rise of gamification to the build-up to “double-Freshers”, we use qualitative insights to predict how Freshers will pan out – and how brands can get involved. 
  • First-hand student stories. Joe, Maliha and Marco are all at different stages in their education – yet they’re all looking to Freshers 2021 as a key period in their uni experience. Make sure you’re ready for them – and their 2.4 million peers across the country.
  • Sector-specific snapshots. Ever wondered what students buy in your sector during Freshers? Would you like to know if you’re on their pre-uni shopping list, or something to pick up once they arrive? We’ve collated shopping lists and a timeline for every vertical – so you can focus your marketing around their spending. 

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