Brand Partner Case Study: Silk Maison

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At Student Beans, we’ve seen a wide variety of success stories from our brand partners – we know that our conversion optimization technology and media suite are a winning combination. That’s exactly what luxury fashion brand Silk Maison discovered when they upgraded their student programme to include social extensions. 

In this case study, learn how we worked with Silk Maison to create a two-pronged solution to student engagement – ultimately driving a 90% increase in codes issued. 

The highlights: 

  • Discover how a well-timed social extension propelled impressions into the regions of 525k and drove 5,000 clicks. 
  • Understand how our conversion optimization tool, Student Beans Connect, works in tandem with our media offering. 
  • See how Student Beans acts as a growth partner for brands, evolving your service model to suit your needs.

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