8 things you might not know about Student Beans

Find out more about Student Beans.

Ever wondered when Student Beans started, how many students we can verify around the world, or how much we love beans? Read on to find out these facts about Student Beans, and much more!

1. We’ve been empowering students to thrive for over a decade

The company was founded by young graduates James and Michael Eder back in 2005, and we’ve been making student life awesome ever since.

2. We have offices around the world

That includes London, New York, Melbourne, Manchester, Birmingham (where Student Beans was founded) and more.

3. Student Beans is the most secure way to run your student loyalty program

Our student verification software ensures only genuine students are able to use your discounts, preventing offer leakage.

4. We can verify over 163 million students in more than 100 different countries

So you want to reach students in the US, France, China, Brazil… you need to contact us. Student Beans is available in all these countries and more.

5. Our website and app feature online, in-store and in-app offers

Not only can students find discounts to use online via our website and app, but they can also save money on in-store purchases, such as fashion and food.


6. All kinds of brands work with Student Beans

Forget everything you think you know about student discounts – today, brands ranging from Google and Ted Baker to Topshop and Domino’s know the value of the student audience and partner with us to prove it.

7. Our verification software is officially award-winning

Student Beans was named Digital Business of the Year at the National Business Awards, and more recently we have been shortlisted for the Best Performance Marketing Technology award at the Performance Marketing Awards 2020.

8. Our London office is full of beans (literally)

If you ever fancy some jelly beans, we’ve got a lifetime’s supply.Find out more about partnering with Student Beans, and continue to read more about us as a business. 

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