Youth Trends 2023 Live!

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To reach Gen Z, your marketing has to be at the cutting-edge of youth culture. Youth Trends 2023 Live! will get help to get your marketing mix on point.

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Webinar Overview

Over the past 6 years Voxburner’s Youth Trends Report has become the industry go-to guide into what’s happening in the lives of young people today.

As a brand it’s your duty to ensure you stay on top of the trends affecting the lives of Gen Z so you can authentically engage with our areas of the youth marketing industry.

In this session we’ll be covering some of the incredible topics covered in this years’ Youth Trends Report.

Such as:

  • Is the love affair between Gen Z and influencers finally coming to an end? 
  • Why are young people drinking less than any other generation?
  • How are online wellness trends impacting young consumers as they strive to become the best version of themselves?
  • Gen Z are changing attitudes around OnlyFans – what is prompting this?
  • What are young people looking for when they choose to put loyalty into a brand? What, in this day and age, truly facilitates a stand-out experience? 


Our dynamic lineup of speakers includes:

  • Ella Price, Mental Health and Self-Care Content Creator
  • Abby Furness, OnlyFans Content Creator and BBC documentary subject
  • Pablo Mendizabal, International Student at Bristol University
  • Alex Haider, Content Executive at Student Beans, and author of the report
  • Rick Jackson, Managing Director at Voxburner, the Student Beans insights agency

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