Pin It, Win It: Engaging Gen Z Through Pinterest & Creators

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The creator economy is currently worth over $104 billion and growing… and with Gen Z users up 40% year-on-year on Pinterest – it’s surprising that this platform often gets overlooked. Unlock the secret to capturing the hearts and wallets of Gen Z using Pinterest and Creators.

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Webinar Overview

Join us for a webinar that will unlock the secrets of engaging Gen Z through Pinterest and creators. Get ready to Pin It, Win It!

You’ll learn:

  • How to unleash the power of Pinterest creators and their evergreen content. 
  • Dive into trend insights and case studies, and learn how to monetize creators effectively. 
  • Learn from success stories of brand partnerships and campaigns.
  • Understand the inclusive tools, visual search, and trend predictions available.
  • Get practical tips and tricks for boosting engagement.

This webinar is perfect for senior marketers at brands and agencies aiming to tap into the fastest-growing audience on Pinterest – Gen Z!


Our dynamic lineup of speakers includes:

  • Georgia Willows, Strategic Partner Manager for Creators UK at Pinterest
  • Special appearance by Meg Garrod, a Gen Z Creator 
  • Ruby Soave, Head of Influencer Marketing at Student Beans
  • Rick Jackson, Managing Director at Voxburner

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