From Purpose to Profit: Leveraging Social Impact for a Thriving Ecommerce Strategy

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Unlock the secrets to transform your ecommerce strategy from mere transactions to meaningful impact. Find out how your brand can harness the power of social impact for lasting success.

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Webinar Overview

In this dynamic 60-minute webinar, you’ll embark on a journey that will redefine your approach to ecommerce. We’ll guide you through thought-provoking panel discussion with our esteemed experts who will share their invaluable insights.

Here’s what you can expect:

🎯 Relevance in a Changing World: Explore the current global scenario and its profound implications on people and businesses. Gain a deep understanding of why social impact is more pertinent than ever.

🚀 Turning Purpose into Profit: Discover the tangible benefits of integrating social impact projects into your brand’s strategy. Learn how this isn’t just about doing good but also about driving growth.

🌐 Strategic Collaboration: Find out how to work seamlessly with other departments to ensure your brand remains top of mind in the hearts of your audience. It’s about creating a holistic brand experience.

Join us to explore these key insights and much more during our webinar. Don’t miss the chance to uncover the strategies behind successful ecommerce brands that have seamlessly integrated social impact, and learn how to gain buy-in from senior leaders in your organisation to showcase the true value social impact brings to your brand’s bottom-line.


Headshot of a South Asian disabled woman, Shani Dhanda.
Shani Dhanda, Disability Inclusion & Accessibility Specialist, Social Entrepreneur and Broadcaster

Shani is one of the UK’s most influential disabled people and BBC’s 100 Women Laureate of 2020. She helps businesses and brands break barriers and become more inclusive and accessible for their disabled employees and customers. As a South Asian woman who experiences disability, Shani has taken the change she wants to create in the world into her own hands. Her intersectional activism has led to challenging social inequality globally through entrepreneurship, and she is the founder of Diversability, the Asian Woman Festival and the Asian Disability Network.

Headshot of a man, Paul Ellingstad, smiling at the camera.
Paul Ellingstad, Managing Partner, PTI Advisors

Paul Ellingstad is a Managing Partner at PTI Advisors. Paul advises and accompanies leaders who want to innovate and grow by effectively navigating breakthrough change. He is a veteran of the technology sector and worked at iconic brands Gateway, Compaq, and HP. Paul is now Managing Partner at PTI Advisors, where he works with clients on the growing importance of sustainability and responsible business in society. Paul is a fellow in the Aspen Institute’s Business & Society Program, he serves as a director on several boards, he is a youth leadership advocate and a life-long member of the Scouting movement.

Breige Grogan, Founder of Little Rock Digital

Breige Grogan is a seasoned eCommerce & Digital Marketing professional with almost two decades in the sector, primarily in retail. Breige has a proven track record of managing significant eCommerce channels in Europe & Australia, and is skilled at leading high performing, multi-functional teams. Breige’s specialisms include Digital & eComm Strategy, Digital Marketing and Analytics.

izzy hall
Izzy Hall, Content Editor,
Student Beans

Izzy (she/her) predominantly works on creating content for reports, blogs, social media, and other platforms/channels in order to share the latest youth insights and trends, as well as shining a light on some of the best and most inspiring young people and brands out there. Before joining the team at Student Beans, Izzy previously worked in Communications for Bettys & Taylors of Harrogate, where she worked on a number of environmental, social mobility and community projects. Outside of work, Izzy reads a lot of fiction, listens to too much Kate Bush, and spends her money on pastries in Manchester.

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