Motivate, Upskill, Inspire: An Update on the Student Beans University

Earlier in 2023, we launched the Student Beans University, a course designed to motivate and upskill aspiring, new and current managers working at Student Beans. 

We’ve been working with WELL Training since the launch of the University, which specialises in delivering training to supercharge individual and business growth. They’ve worked to co-create and deliver the modules just for us! 

Our current cohort of Student Beans University ‘students’ are in very capable hands, and are loving their journeys so far. In this blog post, we’ll be updating you on the progress of the University, sharing some highlights from the past few months and hearing the success stories from some very happy upskilled managers! 

What is the Student Beans University?

The Student Beans University is available in two tracks: Green Beans and Keen Beans. These programmes take place over an 18-month period. 

Green Beans is for aspiring and new managers who wish to build their skills, knowledge and confidence in key management and leadership themes. 

Keen Beans is for those experienced managers/leaders who want to take their skills to the next level by deepening their knowledge and skills in key management and leadership themes.  

The Student Beans University covers many topics, including, but not limited to: growth mindset, communication, culture of creativity, authentic leadership, and performance management. 

And that’s not all! Students are also able to access additional training with the WELL team. As Li, from WELL Training, shared: “Myself and my colleague Emily have been working on a 1:1 basis coaching SBU learners as they apply their learnings into their day-to-day roles.”  This means that our Student Beans University ‘students’ are supported throughout their entire journey.

You can learn more about the Green Beans and Keen Beans tracks here.

Why the Student Beans University?

The Student Beans University is about providing employees with the opportunity to grow and progress during their time at Student Beans. It’s in our culture to invest in our people and empower them to learn and develop new skills, so it was the natural step for us to take! 

“Our employees are loving the opportunity to grow, applying management theory and best practice to their roles and reflecting on their learning through regular coaching sessions”, shared Jenny Crawford, Chief People Officer at Student Beans. “It’s a really powerful combination!

“More than that, what I’ve been really pleased to see is just how much the programmes are helping our employees to foster even closer working relationships with colleagues as they work and grow together.”

The proof is in the pudding 

So, you may ask, where’s the evidence? And how are Student Beans University students finding the experience? 

Check out these winning testimonials below to find out! 

“Student Beans University has allowed me to focus on my leadership and management skills, something which can often get lost in the noise of the modern workplace. Li has been fantastic at creating a collaborative environment to share best practices and has introduced me to practical and actionable takeaways to level up my management skills.” Tom Barber, Revenue Operations Manager, on the Green Beans programme

“The sessions have been engaging, informative and interactive. The time investment in taking the course has paid off, particularly now I’m moving into a managerial role and putting the knowledge into practice! I feel much more confident in becoming a people manager thanks to the skills I’ve developed during my time at Student Beans University and would highly recommend it.” Louise Donnelly, Senior B2B Digital Marketing Manager, on the Green Beans programme 

“The Student Beans University programme may just be the most valuable investment I have made this year. Our people are at the heart of our business and make us who we are. Having the opportunity to learn with each other and share perspectives on the application of different concepts has been incredibly valuable. I have [gained] skills for myself, learned a huge amount from others, and developed even more meaningful relationships than I imagined possible.” Will Briggs, Chief Financial Officer, on the Keen Beans programme 

Feeling inspired and want to know more? Find out more about life and careers at Student Beans here.

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