Student Beans launches the National Online Freshers Fair

National online freshers fair

As 2.4 million students across the country plan to start – or indeed return – to university, Student Beans has launched the ultimate digital space to welcome them back. Introducing the National Online Freshers Fair! 

No student will ever forget Freshers 2020 – for all the wrong reasons. As institutions scrambled to move lectures and seminars online, many student movers were thrust into localised lockdowns in line with the government’s tier system. The period of connectivity usually associated with Freshers was lost. 

This year, we’re faced with a much more positive situation. COVID-19 certainly hasn’t gone away – but student-facing organisations have had a year to prepare. 

Introducing the National Online Freshers Fair. Student Beans wanted to create an immersive shopping experience for students – one that starts online, but encourages them to head out into the world and experience student life. 

A screengrab of the National Online Freshers Fair

Students can spin through a huge array of offers and discounts – and brands can put themselves firmly in the eyeline of this young demographic at a time when they’re most receptive to new ideas – Freshers week. With the likes of PrettyLittleThing, Greggs and competition winners HMV occupying key spots. 

Rick Johnston, visual and ERM marketing manager at HMV said: “Students are incredibly important to HMV as many of our products and franchises are popular with the demographic. Student Beans allowed us to present our offers on vinyl directly to students at their National Freshers Fair, making the most of an online event that had students at the core.

“If you are keen to focus directly on the student market, in a fun and incredibly engaging way, working with Students Beans should be on the top of your list. The team were fantastic to work with, ensuring the whole process ran smoothly and allowing us to get the most out of the fair.”

Brands are able to fit into the Freshers story – appearing in tailor-made areas of the Online Freshers Fair such as looks, lifestyle, food and study. There’s also plenty of content on offer to support students in navigating Freshers, including input from influencer Bronte King. 

We can’t wait to welcome in the next generation of students – and help our brand partners to make that all-important first impression. 

Want to join us in empowering students to thrive? You know what to do. 

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