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Student Beans Verification for In-Store Brands

We know students enjoy shopping on the high street across multiple categories. Brick and mortar shops and restaurants increase their footfall and generate more student sales when they use Student Beans to facilitate their student offer.

In-store brands including McDonald’s, Madame Tussauds and Ted Baker have enlisted our seamless in-store verification technology, Student Beans iD, to ensure only genuine students offer their student offers. They also benefit from our app’s unique Local feature to attract and convert nearby students. 83% of college students would choose to buy from one retailer over another because they offer a student discount powered by Student Beans.

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In-store user journey

Nearby students discover you through our Local feature

Our app displays local venue information for all in-store offers. This helps us to target students local to your stores or restaurants.

Attract more footfall and repeat visits

Show students you offer a Student Beans discount and ensure they don’t have a reason to go next door with our well-recognised window stickers.

Your dedicated student discount screen

We provide you with your own dedicated student discount screen in the Student Beans app.

Student Beans iD

When ready to pay customers simply show their Student Beans iD at checkout to complete their purchase.

SB iD is 100% secure and cannot be faked like plastic student cards, free for all students & officially verified by schools, colleges and universities.

Benefits of in-store verification

Brands that use our in-store verification benefit from increased awareness amongst local college and university students. This translates to increased footfall and a growth in sales from the student demographic. Engaging today’s youth will support your shop, restaurant or salon in building a pipeline of loyal long term customers for the future.

Plug & Play

Totally Secure

Real Time

Data Capture

Network Effect

24/7 Support

See for yourself how your business can benefit from Student Beans verification

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