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Student Beans conversion optimization for ecommerce brands

We optimize conversions on your platform by securely verifying 163 million college and university students worldwide. Our award-winning tech ensures that only those eligible can access and redeem your student offer in your online store.

Thousands of ecommerce brands, such as boohoo, Samsung and, trust our conversion optimization to enlist genuine students into their marketing programs and provide access to exclusive student discounts. Logo logo
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Online user journey

Your student call to action

A prominent call to action for your student offer is the first step in ensuring you convert up to 5x more students that visit your site

Your student discount landing page

We help you set up a landing page for your student offer in about 5 minutes. This is where you will direct your student traffic and where students will  verify, enrol in your student program and access your student discount. 

Build your student customer database

Once on your student page users can join your student program, verify their enrolment status in real-time and opt-in to receive your marketing communications.

Grow your student sales

They’re in! A unique, single-use discount code is revealed and automatically copied. When they are ready to complete their purchase, customers redeem their discount code at the checkout.

Benefits of ecommerce conversion optimization

Brands that integrate our online conversion optimization tool benefit from our plug and play real-time verification technology, which converts browsing students into paying customers. Begin to build an online database of students now, when they’re experiencing financial independence for the first time, to grow your loyal customer base for the future.

Plug & Play
Totally Secure
Real Time
Data Capture
Network Effect
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See for yourself how your business can benefit from optimizing your conversion rates

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“Student Beans, our globally-recognized student partner, provides DJI with the tools and publisher network to help us successfully run and promote our own student program to this important closed user group. Students can easily access our offers through their dedicated and innovative marketing activities.”

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Launching a student program is a simple and innovative way to increase your ecommerce site’s conversion rate. 91% of students would buy a product with a student offer as opposed to a full-priced version of that same product. That means if you have a student program in place, and your competitor doesn’t, students are more likely to convert on your site rather than theirs.

While conversion rates differ depending on territory and vertical, our global average conversion rate from codes to transactions is 3.33%.

Our conversion optimization technology integrates seamlessly with just one line of code. That means you can start securely verifying students and optimizing conversions in as little as five minutes.

Think like a student shopper and make sure your student offer is at the forefront of your website. Our brand partners see the most success when they include a Student Discount CTA in their website header to direct student traffic straight to our conversion optimization technology. Creating a dedicated student discount tile also works well, as does making use of our Gen Z media suite to shout about your offer.

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