In-App Connect

Today’s students are digital natives. Their user journeys are not limited to a single touchpoint – they’re better than anyone else at switching between platforms as they shop, both online and offline. Retail app usage is up – and it’s growing fastest among Gen Z consumers.

Student Beans in-App Connect is your key to keeping up with them.

In-App Connect is a conversion optimisation tool for your brand’s app. It has all of the speedy verification capabilities of our web version of Connect – but we’ve brought it to your app. It’s the virtual equivalent of a student showing you their student card – except it all happens digitally, securely, and without them even having to leave your app.

In-app user journey

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“Our student program has shown us just how much students love KFC. Now we can measure, track and grow our student sales.”

– Marketing Manager, KFC

Benefits of in-app verification

  • Speedy setup: Our Software Development Kits integrate seamlessly within your app within 10 minutes. 
  • Optimizes conversions: Gen Z students can complete their purchase without even leaving your app. 
  • Generates loyalty: in-app verification sends students a signal that you’re in their corner – which keeps them coming back.

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