Our Values

We believe our values define our culture, which gives us the best chance of progress for our products, user happiness, clients and team growth.

Our team came together to create a set of shared values that we want to live by, which reflect who we are, how we do things and where we want to be. Our values are the thread that runs through everything we do, how we recognise, reward and review each other and how we develop as individuals and teams.

Employees share their favourite thing about working for Student Beans

Everyone at Student Beans is super friendly and welcoming making transitioning to a new job really easy.

Beth, Account Management

We all work towards common goals, share feedback and hold each other accountable. We celebrate each other’s wins. This is what makes every day in the office something to look forward to

Ezra, Business Development

Each person’s opinion is valued and everyone is approachable. The atmosphere in the office is relaxed and has an inclusive culture.

Alyce, Business Development

Everyone is invited to share ideas, and there is a great support culture within the company. We are friends rather than colleagues. Coming to work every day is a true pleasure.

Az, Brand Design

There is a constant drive to improve everything we do. We are always looking to go a step further to make our products the best it can be.

Robbie, Product