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Did you know 91% of Gen Z would be more likely to buy a discounted product over one that’s full price? And 97% of students check for discounts when shopping?

Want to set-up your own student discount program and maximize your brand and revenue growth with Gen Z?

Get started using our student verification tool, Connect. 

Using Connect, you can securely verify your student customers; Protecting your student discount offer and profit margins from ineligible customers.

Integrating with Connect is simple and seamless – our technology can work with your existing set-up; whether that’s your website, app or in-store experience.

As you can see, the customer journey is completely frictionless; resulting in a 5x increase in conversions and lower basket abandonment.

Our pricing is simple. One licence fee + 8% commission on verified transactions – and that’s it. 

With a total annual spend of $143 billion, Gen Z are the next generation of consumers, so don’t miss out!

We work with over 120+ affiliate networks for easy and transparent performance tracking. Access more 1st party data, and gain better insights of your student customers to help you make data-driven optimizations, to drive both brand loyalty and sales revenue.Join 1000’s of brands in over 100+ countries that have chosen Student Beans and use Connect for instant, secure student verification now.

Edge in front of your competitors and get started with Connect now.

Let us work with you to convert these digitally connected, financially savvy students into your loyal, lifelong customers.

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