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Freshers: Maliha’s Experience

Maliha, a sixth-form student who is planning to study medicine, reveals her shopping habits and plans for Freshers 2021 in this video interview.

Freshers: Amanda’s Experience

During Freshers, new students are making purchasing decisions in new brand categories for the very first time, along with stocking up on everything they need for their new home and lifestyle at University. One of our in-house student...

Freshers: Kenneth’s Experience

Freshers can be a nervewracking experience for students stepping foot on campus for the first time. We questioned Kenneth – a 21-year-old student studying Computer Science in Newcastle – on his Freshers experience. Discover...

Freshers: Zoe’s Experience

Taking place in September and October, the first few weeks of the academic year, also known as Freshers, are the most important weeks in the student marketing calendar. As a brand, this is your opportunity to win-over loyal consumers, as...

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