Get Ready To Sleigh: Your Blueprint To Ecommerce Marketing During The Holidays

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Our research shows that 83% of Gen Z students (72%, US) will have their Christmas spending impacted by rising inflation this year, with only 11% from the UK saying this won’t be the case. And, to make matters trickier, the festive season can be an overwhelming excess of ostentatious ads and brash overconsumption, making it difficult for brands to stand out from the crowd and connect with this young generation.

But, fear not, it’s not all bad news…

All this means is that Gen Zers have to be smarter, and you have to work harder. And who doesn’t love a challenge…

In this template, we’ll ensure you stay at the top of Gen Z’s nice list. With advice on when you should launch your festive online campaigns, we’ll share how you can win over the hearts and minds of these digital natives through our interactive campaign overview.

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