Welcome Week: Quick-Fire Video Explainer

After starting last year’s Welcome Week in the midst of a pandemic, student’s will be looking to brands to make the 2022 academic year extra special. Get ready to kick-start your campaign with our quick-fire video explainer. Tap into the key themes for this crucial event in the student calendar, plus all our top tips for marketing to Gen Z students. 

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The video, transcribed

Hi. We’re Student Beans. And today, we’re here to talk about Welcome Week – and how you can win big with Gen Z in the weeks and months leading up to it. 

Also known as Orientation or O-Week – Welcome Week is a staple in the student calendar, and it’s an optimal chance for you to build lasting relationships with Australia’s 1.5 million-strong student demographic. 

So let’s dive straight in – starting with our key themes for this year’s unmissable event, which are: mental health awareness, international students, embracing the phygital and the university experience. 

Starting with MENTAL HEALTH. 67% of Aussie students are passionate about mental health awareness – and heading off to university can be a particularly stressful time for students. As a brand, getting involved in the conversation is crucial in order to win Gen Zs’ trust, as well as their custom. This year, be sure to speak to their worries, as well as their excitement. 

Up next, INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS. A huge percentage of Australian students are from overseas and this community will no doubt feed into Welcome Week this year. 

Of course, travel restrictions for Australia means that some students will have a more remote university experience than others – so make sure your marketing is inclusive to every circumstance.

Moving on to EMBRACING THE PHYGITAL. Gen Z students are experts at blending the digital world with the physical world, and that’s exactly how they expect to approach the next academic year. Our advice to brands? Approach your Welcome Week campaign in exactly the same way – by reaching out to students on and off the campus. 

Last but not least, we have THE UNIVERSITY EXPERIENCE. This year, around 41% of students don’t plan on moving out of their current home for university. This means they’ll have a fair amount of disposable income to put towards non-essential items. Anything to create a cool home-set up will be exactly what the student ordered. Think homewares, stationery, lighting and more. 

Now you’ve got key themes for Welcome Week down, here’s all of our top tips for marketing to Gen Z students on the lead up to the big day. 

  1. Entice Gen Z consumers with exclusive student incentives 
  2. Build a buzz by promoting your offers ahead of time
  3. Engage with students on social media channels like TikTok and Instagram using fire content
  4. Explore the fun of gamification to get students excited for what you have to offer 

So, that’s your quick-fire guide to Welcome Week. Get the full lowdown with our exclusive guide today. 

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