US Youth Trends Report 2022

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US Youth Trends Report 2022

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To appeal to Gen Z, your marketing needs to be at the cutting-edge of youth culture. And Voxburner’s Youth Trends Report is your ultimate to get your marketing mix on point.

The 2022 US Youth Trends report looks into the cultural, digital and tech trends impacting the lives of 16-24s.

The report will deep-dive into topics such as:

  • Why are young people getting married, having babies and buying houses later in life, or choosing not to follow this traditional path at all?
  • As the cryptocurrency trend grows, is Gen Z ready to invest or will they stay true to their reputation as ‘Generation Sensible’?
  • Are digital natives turning against influencers, or simply looking to a different breed of opinion leader for inspiration?
  • Why are Gen Z nostalgic for a time they never personally experienced, and how do we keep up with the ever-faster trend cycle?
  • How are online conversations about mental health impacting young people’s wellbeing and their sense of self?

This report is complementary for friends of Student Beans.

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