US Student Shopping Report: Food & Drink Focus

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Whatever students’ attitudes were towards food and drink prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, they’ve embraced home cooking, deliveries and online grocery shopping. Fortunately, they’re an adaptable generation – and these short-term changes won’t affect the long-term relationship students have with eating out as a way of socializing. 

Student consumers are in a unique position – as they embark on their college journeys, they’re at the very start of developing food habits and eating preferences beyond the family home. In this special Food & Drink edition of the Student Shopping Report by Student Beans, find out what’s on the menu – and what’s off the table – for Gen Z students as they define their eating habits. 

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • The eating habits and trends that dominate student consumers. Are they really all vegan? Do they prefer fast food or healthy eating? Time to sort the stereotypes from reality. 
  • The priorities that define Gen Z’s food & drink shopping lists. Understand their attitudes to affordability, quality, branding and more. 
  • The key takeaways you need to make it onto their menus. Learn the actions that you can apply to your student marketing strategy based on the latest insights. 

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